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What's new in Ektron v8.6 for Developers


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What's new in Ektron v8.6 for Developers? Three products -- Cloud Manager, Digital Experience Hub, and Ektron WCM.

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What's new in Ektron v8.6 for Developers

  1. 1. What’s New in v8.6 for Developers Bill Cava Chief Evangelist
  2. 2. At a Glance: What’s New in v8.6Three new products • Ektron Cloud Manager • Ektron Digital Experience Hub (DxH) • Ektron v8.6 WCM
  3. 3. September 10th, 2012@ 1:00 PM EDT
  4. 4. Available now, on-demand!Register for this webinar today!•
  5. 5. New Content EditorNew v8.6 Editor• Completely new editing engine• Fast editing experience, loads quickly• Runaway spacing resolved• Handles copy + paste from Word very well• Supports HTML5
  6. 6. September 6th, 2012 at 1:00 PM EST
  7. 7. What’s Available in Ektron 8.6? Microsoft Search Server 2010 Microsoft FAST Search for SharePoint 2010Highly relevant keyword queriesEnterprise scaleSearchable metadata & Smart Form fieldsRobust CMS query APIsIntegration of external content sourcesDid you mean?Automatic query suggestionsDeep query refinementSimilarity search (“Find similar”)Relevancy tuning with rank profiles Supported in Ektron version 8.6
  8. 8. What’s Available in Ektron8.5 Environment 8.6? Ektron Ektron Search Search CMS Server Server SharePoint CMS Service Service Query Service8.6 Environment Ektron Search CMS Server SharePoint CMS Service Query Service IIS Suggestion Service Query Statistics Service
  9. 9. What’s Available in Ektron 8.6?• Single administrative interface • Streamlined communication • Minimized points of failure• Query service isolation • Query services no longer restricted by SharePoint performance constraints. • Ease and flexibility of deployment • IIS site vs. SharePoint solution• Indexing enhancements • Schema changes to ensure index field uniqueness • Streamlined property creation, crawl process • Fewer restrictions on Search Server configuration
  10. 10. URL Alias Redirect Management
  11. 11. Changes to AliasingArchitectural changes• Before: aliasing engine was based on materialized views, which were precomputed as the underlying data was modified• Now: Two primary tables: mapping table and rules tableMost immediate impact• eSync performance – only moving rules (10-50% of previous cost was moving aliases)• Search – primary URL (quicklink) is indexed
  12. 12. Release Notes
  13. 13. Server Controls• Ektron Templated Server Controls• Ektron UI Controls• Ektron Server Controls
  14. 14. Framework API Addition• Dozen or so tweaks & updates• Framework API additions var aliasData = AliasManager.GetTarget(url, 1033); var contentData = contentManger.getItem(aliasData.TargetId);
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  16. 16. Bill CavaChief Evangelist @billcava