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Ektron Developer Webinar: Getting Started on the Mobile Web

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Ektron Developer Webinar: Getting Started on the Mobile Web

  1. 1. SAH: Mobile Bill Cava, Chief EvangelistMobile is the New Competitive Edge
  2. 2. Are we currently experiencing the biggesttransformation in the history of computing to date?
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. The Mobile 50%-46% of U.S. adults use smartphones as of February 2012.-66% of Americans 24-34 year olds owned a smartphone January 2012-50% of Facebooks total audience (845 million) uses mobile devices (425 million people)
  7. 7. Mobile is driving the most dramatic behavior transformation in history1. Social networking is accelerating the growth of mobile2. Consumers are shifting time to mobile usage3. Mobile commerce is changing shopping behavior
  8. 8. Separation of Content from Presentation
  9. 9. 3 Approaches• Device Detection (Server Side)• Responsive Design (Client Side)• Responsive + Server Side (Ress)
  10. 10. Device Targeted Content• Server Side Device Detection• WURFL Library• Device served a specific template
  11. 11. Device Targeted Content1. Enable Device Detection in web.config2. Develop Templates for Mobile Device3. Register Mobile Templates with Ektron
  12. 12. demo
  13. 13. Responsive Design
  14. 14. Main 3 Ingredients of RWD1. Flexible grid based layout2. Flexible images3. Media Queries
  15. 15. Flexible Images
  16. 16. Responsive Images••
  17. 17. SS vs RWD• SS - Approach assumes you want to layer mobile functionality on top of an existing site – Works well when you need to “patch” mobile holes• SS – Requires a separate “forked” code base – Drawback: more code, more overhead – Benefit: isolated code, less risk
  18. 18. resources
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Case Studies
  21. 21. May Developer Program: Mobile• Content Technology Podcast: Episdode #7: Responsive Design with Ethan Marcotte• 5 Technical Blog Posts from MVPs (Managing Content for the Mobile Web, Mobile Website Detection, more)