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TV Shopping: An Overview


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We are specialists in live TV Shopping. I get asked a basic set of questions every time we speak to a new client. This overview will give you the basic understanding of TV shopping from a generic perspective.

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TV Shopping: An Overview

  1. 1. Let’s Shop UNDERSTANDING LIVE TV SHOPPING © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  2. 2. Who We Are Bill Barlow is a strategic product and branding specialist with 28+ years of direct to consumer marketing, public relations and international trade experience. He has sold products and services into over 80 countries worldwide across every category. He is one of a hand-full of live TV shopping specialists to have physically visited every 24/hour live shopping channel around the globe. Bill’s branding and advertising methods have generated nearly four billion dollars in retail sales of consumer products. Bill Barlow © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  3. 3. Rosie Maria is an energetic and seasoned on air personality with a comedic flare. She has hosted live television, national shopping channels, infomercials, travel shows and emceed events with audiences of thousands. When communicating about product she becomes the surrogate consumer honing in on the hot buttons that inspire sales. Rosie has interviewed celebrities in areas of entertainment, sports, politics, health, book authors and entrepreneurs. She has also sold jewelry, fashion and many other products along the way. Her broad background and experience as an on air host in radio and television demonstrates her communication skills and natural talent. Rosie Marie © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  4. 4. TV Shopping Specialists We Are © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  5. 5. Worldwide Sales We are specialists in TV shopping channels worldwide. We have experience adapting product presentations between cultures to ensure that we get optimum sales throughout the world. We represent our clients, present the products to the TV shopping channel buyers and then manage every aspect of the sale and repeat sales, including the on- air presentation. © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  6. 6. • Meet the Buyer • Quality Assurance • Legal / Claims Review • New Vendor Forms • The Purchase Order • Delivery of Goods • Product Presenter / On Air Presentation How TV Shopping Works While every shopping channel has unique rules and requirements, they all have the same process when it comes to selling in to them. Here are the basics. © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  7. 7. We must select the item(s) to be presented to the channel. Each product category has a buyer responsible for reviewing and deciding on items for the network. We need to set up a meeting with the category buyer. Please note that these people see literally thousands of products annually. They are hard to impress. They are looking for 3 things: 1. Something new / Unique 2. Something of Value 3. Something Demonstrable. Meet The Buyer © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  8. 8. Quality Assurance When a product is accepted by the buyer, they will ask that the product goes through the QA process. This is where you send in a sample (that you will never see again) to the networks QA department. This sample must be packaged EXACTLY as the units you sell to the network will be packaged. They will judge the product on several criteria; packaging, drop test, product instructions, general performance, etc. Any discrepancy will be flagged as a failure. You will have 3 chances to get this right or the product will be declined for air. ©2014FamousDiscoveriesLLC
  9. 9. New Vendor Forms This is perhaps the most painful part of the process. All new vendors are required to submit new vendor forms. You will be required to have product liability insurance of $2 million per occurrence and $5 million in accumulative claims. The network will ask to be additionally names on that policy. © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  10. 10. Legal & Claims Review The network will ask you to submit a list of features, benefits and claims that you will be making on air about the product. Each of these will be reviewed by the legal department. These will ultimately be approved or declined. Legal will ask you to substantiate all claims with tests, 3rd party validation or some reasonable source. If your claims are declined the buyer will have the last word to decide if the product is still saleable on air. © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  11. 11. The Purchase Order This document will list quantity they elect to order and the date they require the goods delivered by. They will also note the location of the warehouses where they want the goods shipped. HSN has 2 warehouses; east coast and west coast. Additional items may be requested to be shipped to the studios. ©2014FamousDiscoveriesLLC
  12. 12. Delivery of Goods The delivery of the goods needs to be accurate and timely. The box they receive must be consistent with QA samples they approved and the exact dimensions. If either of these is not done to spec, they will fine you. If you are too far out of compliance, they will reject the goods and cancel the Purchase order. © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  13. 13. On Air Presentation It is the responsibility of the vendor (you) to provide an on air presenter. This presenter must be approved in advance by the network. All elements of the on air sales presentation are also the responsibility of the vendor. The presentation needs to be consistent with the approved claims. Any unapproved claims will be “bleeped” while on live. This is fondly referred to as the “red button”. © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  14. 14. On Air Requirements It is important to know that all products are judged on a dollar- per-minute basis. While some networks are forgiving of new products, others are not. In order to keep your product on the channel it must meet the minimum sales requirements as established by the network. © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  15. 15. International Requirements Certain requirements or restrictions will vary based on each country you are selling to. These include: 1. Claims Documentation 2. Testing Requirements 2. American Slang and Phrases 3. Value References 4. Return Policy © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  16. 16. All customer returns (items sold by the network and then returned by their customers) will be the responsibility of the vendor. Typically you will get any such returns twice a year. These returns will be returned to you at your expense. Product Returns © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  17. 17. Typical Timelines 2Weeks 2Weeks 1Week 2Weeks 3Weeks 2Weeks © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC Typical timeline from the first buyer meeting to first airdate – 3 Months Buyer QA - Legal Vendor Forms First Order Ship Date Air Date
  18. 18. Let Go © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC Shopping
  19. 19. What We Do Creative – • Create demonstrations • Help find key testimonials and experts • Train the models and get them ready for air • Coordinate with the channel all creative requirements • Chase creative requests & requirements ©2014FamousDiscoveriesLLC
  20. 20. Manage On-air Presentations – • Props • Product samples for the demonstration • On–Air technical requirements • Video footage • Animation • Lighting • Sound • Other visuals • Per-show network coordination © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC What We Do
  21. 21. On The Business Side – • Arrange all sales presentations to network product buyers • Facilitate all required forms & documents • Coordinate the Quality Assurance process • Coordinate orders, re- orders and network inventory levels © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC What We Do
  22. 22. Our Experience © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC We bring our 25+ years of experience to your product for best results. We hand a mind for business, eyes for product, ears for opportunity and the voice of creative sales.
  23. 23. Let’s Do This © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  24. 24. Contact © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC