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Create the Acronym


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Most ad campaigns consist of materials that are created out of thin air. What if you are overlooking the material that you consumers care most about?

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Create the Acronym

  1. 1. CREATE Challenging the traditional definition of this word as it pertains to the application of “creative” as used in advertising and public relations. © 2013 Bill Barlow
  2. 2. The conventional definition of CREATE is to “bring something into existence”. In advertising and public relations while this is often true, the best campaigns thrive because of what CREATE stands for. If you follow this acronym you may find that success in marketing can come when you are telling more often that when you are selling. CREATE © 2013 Bill Barlow
  3. 3. Cultivate Find and research the information necessary to convey the relevant points about the product or service © 2013 Bill Barlow
  4. 4. Realize Know the target audience, where they reside and what they care about © 2013 Bill Barlow
  5. 5. Enlighten Share with your targets the relevant information that they need to know to respond © 2013 Bill Barlow
  6. 6. Admire Show the product in a way that other will admire. © 2013 Bill Barlow
  7. 7. Teach Inform your targets what they need to know to become fans and the things that they will share with their friends © 2013 Bill Barlow
  8. 8. Entertain Provide your targets with external content that is relevant to the product and that targets care about © 2013 Bill Barlow
  9. 9. CREATE Cultivate •Realize • Enlighten Admire • Teach • Entertain Take on a new perspective and see how things change for the better © 2013 Bill Barlow
  10. 10. The take away here is that you don’t always have to make up everything out of thin air. Most products are loaded with features and backed by people and studies that are more interesting to consumers your “story”. If you take the time to really understand what elements you already have, you may discover that there is nothing to CREATE © 2013 Bill Barlow
  11. 11. About Bill Barlow is a product and branding guru. He has mastered the art of blending public relations, direct marketing and social connections into seamless campaigns with ROI. With over $3 billion product sales to his credit, he is apparently doing something right. Barlow and his team are available to take your product to the next level.