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5 Secrets to Inventing


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All inventions and innovations are born for a reason, but will it sell? Here are the 5 secrets to inventing that will give your product the best chance.

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5 Secrets to Inventing

  1. 1. A Checklist Every Inventor Needs To Follow
  2. 2. About Me I am a strategic product and branding specialist with 28+ years of direct to consumer marketing, public relations and international trade experience. I have sold products and services into over 80 countries worldwide across every category. I am have launched numerous start-ups, new inventions and innovations. My branding and advertising methods have generated nearly four billion dollars in retail sales of consumer products. Bill Barlow © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC
  3. 3. All inventions and innovations are born for a reason.What the purpose or the need? How big is the need for this? What are the customers’ alternatives? How easy is the invention to use, set up, assemble or store?
  4. 4. It takes the same amount of effort to launch a tightly niche invention as it does a broader concept. Distributors, wholesalers, licensors and stores. These areYOUR customers. You need to excite them. If they aren't interested, you invention doesn't sell.
  5. 5. These are the reasons that people buy anything. There is a secret question in all of our minds when we are considering a purchase “How will this change my life?" The answer is a feature or benefit that the consumer finds appealing.
  6. 6. Each sales is really 3 sales The intellectual sale The visual sale The touch sale Many times products sold from TV or the internet fail the touch sale. Only when a customer puts their hands on a product are they sold completely. Good touch = quality Bad touch = returns High returns = failure
  7. 7. Price and value need to be clear to your target consumer If your invention is new to a category and nothing else like it exists Just because you have something that no one else has do not mean they are will to pay a high price for it. apathy may be your biggest competitor
  8. 8. When reviewing products industry insiders call this “the sniff test” When a product passes the sniff test, it's time to go to the next step. If not they will move on to the next item being considered.
  9. 9. If you invention passes the sniff the rest is just marketing Good and bad products get sold through good marketing. The difference is the ones that do pass all 5 steps here can be successful.
  10. 10. Questions? If you are still confused perhaps we can help. We specialize in launching new products and developing new brands. Let us review your product and see how we may be able to take your product to the next level. You can reach me here: Bill Barlow © 2014 Famous Discoveries LLC