Baird Digital Marketing Capabilities


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A short overview of 8 case studies reflecting the work of Baird Digital Marketing, Inc.

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Baird Digital Marketing Capabilities

  1. 1. Baird Digital Marketing The CRM Specialists For Website Publishers Services Overview
  2. 2. BairdWho is Baird Digital?C R M f o r W e b s i t e P u b l i s h e r s Digital Marketing, Inc.
  3. 3. BairdWho are Our Clients?C R M f o r W e b s i t e P u b l i s h e r s Digital Marketing, Inc. B-to-C Clients B-to-B Clients Dow Jones Hearst Corporation PositScience Wall Street Journal Ziff Davis Media More than half of our clients choose to retain us for another assignment.
  4. 4. BairdWhat’s Our Mission?C R M f o r W e b s i t e P u b l i s h e r s Digital Marketing, Inc. Registration Conversion 360 Degrees Analytics of Expertise House Email Retention Offer / Price
  5. 5. RegistrationC R M f o r W e b s i t e P u b l i s h e r s (After)A publisher of 15 regional newspapers asked usto recommend enhancements to their post-launch, metered-access websites.We reviewed their prior results and modeleddifferent response rate and revenue scenarios.We then recommended a two-step conversionstrategy, emphasizing registration more thanthe launch did. Sales email would then be usedto convert registrants. Funnels were alsostreamlined to reduce abandon rates. (Before)We provided detailed comps for all pages. Thechanges produced a registration increase of300% with no apparent loss of paid subscriptionupsells in the funnel.
  6. 6. Lead ConversionC R M f o r W e b s i t e P u b l i s h e r s (Before)A financial newsletter publisher had run SEM campaigns togenerate email leads via a free report incentive. Response totheir upsell and first email did not meet expectations. (After)We reviewed all creative, offers and metrics and suggested: - A new landing page and abandon recovery strategy. - In the report, tease the lead back to order. - Add an autoresponder email conversion series.We then provided layout templates, headlines and askeleton copy outline, and they produced thecreative in-house with our feedback and guidance.The campaign converted more than enough leads to beabove breakeven at the target CPA.
  7. 7. House Email MarketingC R M f o r W e b s i t e P u b l i s h e r s (Before)Both websites wanted to move their salesemail programs further forward. Weassessed both clients’ creative, offers,timing and list segmentation, andrecommended taking the best of theirformer campaigns and merging thosefeatures with several new ones.We provided detailed creative, whereas Posit Sciencepreferred to receive templates andguidelines and produce art and copythemselves, with only our ongoing review. (After)In both cases gross response rate more thandoubled, and the increase was sustainedover the campaigns which followed.
  8. 8. Short-Term RetentionC R M f o r W e b s i t e P u b l i s h e r s (Before)A database publisher wanted to reduce new customer cancels. Werecommended assistive messaging on the Thank You screen and in aseries of short emails.Faster Value. We wanted the user to say “Wow!” immediately.Later, we ‘d show other uses and value. (After)Cancel Drivers: Research showed that cancellation wasdriven by the user’s ability to quickly and easily find theirtarget. If they could not, then they’d leave. Other productdatabases and power features had no influence yet.The phone reps agreed, but also said that the target usuallywas in the system! New users didn’t know how to search.Messaging: The layout of the new Thank You page focusedon the 3 most common tasks, and when a button wasclicked, more effective instructions and a link would appear.The client viewed the project as a success, but asked thatwe not share the results. (Reference available on request).
  9. 9. Long-Term RetentionC R M f o r W e b s i t e P u b l i s h e r sAfter launching its first paid content product, TheMotley Fool wanted to gain a better understanding ofretention best practices and which ones they shouldemploy or enhance.Our assessment resulted in a recommendation to: - Focus first on payment processing, not on call center marketing as they’d originally planned. - Shift communication timing. - Reassess test priorities with our S-E-L algorithm. - Enhance reports, with formats we provided.These recommendations added $500,000 to TheMotley Fool’s bottom line within 12 months.
  10. 10. Offers, Modeling and AnalysisC R M f o r W e b s i t e P u b l i s h e r sA mid-size data publisher used a 14-day Free Trial offer, and intests using makeshift retention reports, the offer appeared toproduce more revenue than a regular Hard Offer.We recommended creating a carefully-validated, routinemonthly Retention Report combining front- and back-endmetrics.We worked closely with the team to design and validate thereport against other data sources within the company.During that reconciliation process, it became clearthat the makeshift reports had been misinterpreteddue to the data’s complexity.The new, validated report indicated that the HardOffer was more profitable than the Free Trial.The client rapidly changed offers.This discovery from the new report increased theclient’s annual revenue by an estimated $500k –$750k. (Client reference available upon request.)
  11. 11. Other ProjectsC R M f o r W e b s i t e P u b l i s h e r s - Due Diligence for VC’s / Acquirers - Customer Onboarding Best Practices - Business/Launch Plan Assessment - Industry Retention Rate Studies
  12. 12. Thank You! Bill (203) 838-5444 Baird Digital Marketing, Inc.