Ten Slides in Ten Minutes - Bid Management versus Project Management


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Many Senior Executives do not understand the additional Value that Bid Management / Proposal Management has over Project Management. This presentation takes an overview look at this topic.

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Ten Slides in Ten Minutes - Bid Management versus Project Management

  1. 1. SS Ten Slides in Ten Minutes: Bid Management versus Project Management [Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Prospects & Clients] Presented by: Bill Graham CP.APMP June, 2014 bill.graham@sales-synthesis.co.za
  2. 2. Craft Proposal Client AdjudicationIdentify Qualify DeliverySubmit The Client Engagement Process needs to be Robust • Solid Win Strategy • Bid Centre Support • Organisational Teamwork • Relevant Solution • Selling on Value and not Price • Industry Knowledge • Understanding of Client’s Business Strategy • Good relationship with Key Decision-makers • Resonating Win Themes • Solution supporting Client’s Business Imperatives • Building Track Record • Execution Investment • Robust Service Delivery • Professional package • Word Perfect • On-Time Submission Robust Capture Plan Relevant Solution Resonating Submission Professional Proposal / Bid Management Process 2 Underpinned by a Virtual Team
  3. 3. Bid Management is a process in the Sales Phase of the Service Delivery Life Cycle Prospecting Lead Generation Qualification Scope Solution & Services Submission/ Bid Crafting Submission to Client Bid Management Account Management Sales Product Development & Commercialisation encompasses all aspects of the business Sales Operations supports the complete Sales Phase Solution Architecture Products 3
  4. 4. Multiple Business Units are involved in Bids Legal Finance MSA, T&Cs Schedules, Regulatory Tax advice P&L Review/s Tax implications Review Gate Review GateReview Gate Review Gate Content providers are resources from various organisational units – creating a Virtual Bid Team 4
  5. 5. A Bid Manager Liaises with many Units of an Organisation Sales [incl. AM] Solution/s Architecture Commercial Prospect Lead gen. Qualify Design Craft Bid Pricing P&L Review Submit Bid Management Legal/ Contracts Regulatory Regions Cost/Price Sales Technical Design Finance Legal Partners Specialists SMM/SME Technical Solution 5 Note: The actual matrix will depend on each organisation and their internal structures Underpinned by professional ‘Project Management Style’ Tracking
  6. 6. Major Differences between Bid Management & Project Management 6 Bid Manager: A professional resource capable of playing many of the roles required during a bid: Capture Manager, Proposal Manager, Bid Support, Bid Assurance, QA, Reviewer etc.: • Relevant Bid Strategy & Capture Plan [Developed from the Account Plan] • Bid Control Plan [Crafting and Management thereof] • Resonating Win Themes / Golden Thread [Developed across the Submission Content] • Validating that the solution supports the Client’s Business Strategy/Imperatives • Building track record • Relevant reviews/sign-offs • Professional packaging • Timeous submission • Focuses on the crafting of Client Resonating Content Project Manager: A professional resource who is responsible for the planning, organisation, resource management and discipline pertaining to the successful completion of a specific project or objective: • Focuses on an Action Tracker [Typically MS-Project – Gantt Chart] • Focuses on Deliverables [ticks the boxes and escalates] • Does not focus on the actual content – rather the delivery of content etc. On time, within budget On time, within budget
  7. 7. These reviews are designed to help select the right opportunities to bid, confirm win strategies, address proposal and performance risk, and support development of high quality, winning proposals. Source: Shipley Associates • Purple Team: Assesses the probability of winning (Pwin) and alignment with organisational goals • Blue Team #1: Reviews initial capture strategy and capture plan • Black Hat Team: Predicts competitors’ solutions • Blue Team #2: Reviews updated capture plan and solution set • Pink Team: Reviews storyboards and mock-ups to confirm solution set and to validate proposal strategy • Green Team: Reviews cost/price solution • Red Team: Reviews final proposal draft—including price—to predict how the customer will score the proposal • Gold Team: Approves final proposal and price : Compiles lessons learned from capture planning through proposal development to contract award Professional Sales Organisations Support ‘Formal Reviews’ 7 Reviews are Organised/Managed/Facilitated by the Bid Manager
  8. 8. Factual knowledge is an imperative Internal politics is self- destructing Know your real competition Relationships are key to successful engagements Higher profitable opportunities, the higher the investment Merely Answering Client Questions will not a Winning Submission make… 8 Use intensive analytics to determine the correct growth strategies and territories [qualified opportunities] Flatten the organisational structures as much as reasonably possible [rapid relevant structures for decision-making] Move everything possible to a national level - with global ‘virtual’ teams [obtain national value and leverage globally] Be aware of belief systems and allow for ‘all user/s’ interaction [spread the decision-making to the correct entities] * * * * *Indicates support & structures required to ensure development of winning submissions
  9. 9. Project Management is Key to the Professional Delivery of the Solution 9 • Once the bid has been won – and the contract signed – the Project Manager takes over the delivery (sometimes called ‘Build’) phase of the project • For large complex bids, it is good practice to have the Project Manager involved during the bid phase so that ‘full alignment & continuity’ is achieved. Many and diverse Bid Team members are necessary for ‘Success’
  10. 10. The Bid Manager is like a Conductor of an orchestra. He may be able to play particular instruments but he’s actually there to pull all of the inputs together to create a wonderful piece of “professional music”. The Bid Manager is a Maestro. The Bid Manager is NOT merely an administrator ! Summary: The Bid Manager is the Key Focal Point for Bids 10 For best results the Bid Manager functions alongside the Sales Operations function. A Bid Manager is a fundamental necessity for large, complex, strategic opportunities.