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Med term1(terms)


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Med term1(terms)

  1. 1. 1 Yang Saeng Park, Ph. D. Editorial Assistant Young Hae Lee Major References: • 金賢淑. 의학용어, 賢文社 • Davi-Ellen Chabner. The Language of Medicine 7th ed. 2004 Elsevier, Saunders, St. Louis
  2. 2. 2 1. Composition of Medical Terminology 30 2. The Integumentary System 48 3. The Skeletal System 55 4. Articulations 17 5. The Muscular System 24 6. The Nervous System 54 7. Special Senses 46 8. The Endocrine System 33 9. The Blood and Lymphatic System 39 10. The Cardiovascular System 52
  3. 3. 3 11. The Respiratory System 48 12. The Digestive System 80 13. The Urinary System 29 14. The Male Reproductive System 24 15. The Female Reproductive System 63 16. Psychiatric Disorders 21 17. Multiple System Diseases 10 18. Appendix 20 Total 693 slides/30 h
  4. 4. 4 1. Composition of Medical Terminology Basic Word Structure 1. Word root: Foundation of the word gastr/ic root stomach 2. Suffix : Word ending gastr/itis gastr/ic suffix suffix (inflammation) (pertaining to: ~의)
  5. 5. 5 Basic Word Structure 3. Prefix: Word beginning epi/gastric prefix (above: ~의 위) 4. Combining vowel: A vowel (usually o) linking the root to the suffix or to another root Cardi/o/gram electr/o/cardi/o/gram root suffix root root suffix combining vowel combining vowel
  6. 6. 6 Basic Word Structure 5. Combining form: Combination of word root with the combining vowel (o, y, i) 1) Word root + Suffix 복합형 ‘o’는 다음에 오는 단어의 첫 자가 母音일 때는 생략 dermat/o + -itis = dermat/itis (skin) (inflammation) 2) Word root + Combining vowel + Word root 어근과 어근 사이에서는 뒤에 오는 어근의 첫 자가 모음이라도 ‘O’가 생락되지 않음 gastr/o + enteric = gastro/enteric (stomach) (intestine)
  7. 7. 7 Basic Word Structure 3) Combining form + Word root + Suffix Acr/o + cyan/o + -osis = acr/o/cyan/osis (extremity) (blue푸른) (condition)
  8. 8. 8 Prefixes (G) = Greek, (L) = Latin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Prefixes Meaning Example . a, an (G) without, not a/pnea in, ein (L) not, lack in/somnia im/balance counter, contra (L) against, opposite contra/indicat/ion ant, anti (G) anti/toxin co, con(L), syn(G) with, together con/genital hom/o (L), is/o(G) equal, same hom/o/graft heter/o(L), all/o(G) other heter/opsia all/erg/y 알러지 anis/o (G) unequal anis/o/cor/ia
  9. 9. 9 Prefixes Prefixes Meaning Example . anter/o, anter/ior(L) in front of, before anter/o/poster/ior 앞 poster/o, poster/ior(L) in back of, behind poster/o/anter/ior 뒤 super/o, super/ior (L) above, upward super/iority 위 infer/o, infer/ior (L) below, downward infer/iority 아래
  10. 10. 10 Prefixes Prefixes Meaning Example . ventr/o, ventr/al (L) belly, abdomen ventr/o/tomy dors/o, dors/al (L) back dors/o/lumb/ar 등, cephal/o, cephal/ic head cephal/o/dyn/ia (G) 머리 caud/o, caud/al (L) tail caud/al 꼬리 꼬리의
  11. 11. 11 Prefixes Prefixes Meaning Example . inter/o, interior, inner, into intravenous internal, intra (L) 안(쪽) end/o, en, em (G) end/o/derm exter/o, exter/ior outer, out extra/cell/ular external, extra, e (L) ect/o, ec, ex (G) ect/o/derm medi/o, medi/al middle mes/o/derm mid (L), mes/o (G) later/o, lateral (L) to the side later/o/flexion 바깥(쪽)
  12. 12. 12 Prefixes Prefixes Meaning Example . dextr/o, dexter (L) right dextr/o/cardia sinistr/o, sinister (L) left sinistr/o/cerebr/al ambi/, amb/o (L) both, doubly ambi/dext/e 양손잡이 amphi (G) ambi/valence inter/ (L) between inter/costal trans/ (L) through, trans/position across
  13. 13. 13 Prefixes Prefixes Meaning Example . ab (L), apo (G) away from ab/normal ab/duct/ion e (L), ex, ec, ef (G) out from ex/halation ex/cretion ad/(L), en, em (G) into ad/duct/ion ad/hesion ad/diction de/(L) down from de/hydr/ation resulting less than de/calcification
  14. 14. 14 Prefixes Meaning Example . circum/(L), peri/(G) around circum/ocul/ar 눈주위의 peri/hepat/ic per/ (L), dia/ (G) through per/for/ation dia/gnos/is ante/pre/ (L), pro/(G) before pre/operative pro/gnosis ante/nat/al post/retro/(L), meta/(G) after post/mortem post/partum Supra/, super, epi/ (G) above, on supra/pubic epi/gastric Prefixes
  15. 15. 15 Prefixes Meaning Example . Infra (L) beneath infra/stern/al Sub/L) hypo/(G) under hypo/der/mal Prefixes
  16. 16. 16 Prefixes Prefixes Meaning Example . chron/o (G) time chron/ic acutus (L) sharp acute tach/y (G) rapid tachy/cardi/a brad/y (G) slow brady/cardi/a nyct/o (G) night, dark nyct/al/opia cycl/o (G) circle, cycle cycl/o/thym/ia
  17. 17. 17 Prefixes Prefixes Meaning Example . sem/i (L), hem/i one half semi/coma hemi/gastr/ectomy hemi/pleg/ia pan all pan/periton/itis poly(G), mult/(L) many, much polyuria olig/o (G) few, small, scanty olig/uria Hypo (G), sub(L) under, deficient hypo/glyc/emia sub/acute hyper(G), super(L) above, excessive hyper/trophy
  18. 18. 18 Prefixes Prefixes Meaning Example . micr/o (G) small micr/o/surgery macr/o (G) large, long macr/o/cyte megalo (G) great, large cardi/o/megaly ultra (L) excessive, ultra/sono beyond
  19. 19. 19 Prefixes Meaning Example . nulli, nullus (L) none 0 nulli/para uni, mono (G) one 1 uni/gravida bi (L), di, diplo (G) two 2 dipl/opia tri (L) (G) three 3 tri/ceps muscle quadri(L), tetra (G) four 4 quadri/ceps M quinque(L),penta(G) five 5 pentalogy of Gasul hexa (G), sexi (L) six 6 hexal/dactylism hepta (G), septi (L) seven 7 hepta/dactylism Octa (G), octi (L) eight 8 nona (G), noni (L) nine 9 deca (G) ten 10 hecto (G) one hundred 100 killo (G) one thousand 1000 Prefixes
  20. 20. 20 Prefixes Prefixes Meaning Example . Chrom/o (G), color (L) color chrom/o/cyte Leuk/o(G), alba, albin/o (L) white leuk/o/cyte Erythr/o (G), rub(r)/o (L) red erythr/o/cyte Cyano (G) blue cyan/osis Chlor/o (G) green chlor/oma Xanth/o, cirrh (G), yellow xanth/oma flav/o, leute (L) Poli/o (G) gray poli/o/myel/itis Melan/o black melan/o/derma Purpur/o (L) purple purpur/a
  21. 21. 21 Prefixes Prefixes Meaning Example . Cry/(L) cold cry/o/surgery Febr/(L) fever, fire febr/ile Therm/ (L), calor/(G) heat dia/therm/y calor/y Malac/o (G) soft oste/o/malac/ia Scler/o, scirrh/o(G), dur(L) hard scler/osis Cac, cac/o (G) bad, ill cac/hexia Eu (G) well, good, eu/phor/ia normal eu/pnea Dys (G) difficult, bad dys/pnea Mal (L) abnormal, bad mal/nutrition
  22. 22. 22 Prefixes Prefixes Meaning Example . Pseudo false pseud/o/cyesis Dis/(L) separate, undo dis/sect/ion dis/infection Xer/o (G) dry xer/o/stomia Orth/o (G) straight, correct orth/o/pnea Ne/o (G) new, strange ne/o/plasm Crypt/o (G) hidden, concealed crypt/orchism Ankyl/o (G) bent, adhesion ankyl/o/glossia immovable
  23. 23. 23 Suffixes Suffixes Meaning Example . -sis (G) morbid process hemoly/sis -osis (G) “ nephr/o/hydr/osis -asis (G) “ bronchiect/asis -esis (G) “ pseudocy/essis -iasis (G) “ nephr/o/lith/iasis -ia, y (G) condition, state akines/ia anencephal/y -ism (G) condition, state hyper/thyroid/ism -sy (G) disease, symptom lepro/sy -oma (G) tumor, swelling aden/oma -us (L) condition, state hydro/cephal/us
  24. 24. 24 Suffixes symptom & sign Root+Suffixes Meaning Example . -algia, -dynia (G) pain neur/algia my/algia -ptosis (G) downward gastr/o/ptosis displacement -cele (G) tumor, hernia, cysto/cele swelling -itis (G) inflammation neur/itis -penia (G) deficiency erythr/o/penia -lithiasis (G) stone (lith/o) nephr/o/lithiasis
  25. 25. 25 Root+Suffixes Meaning Example . -plasm, -plasia (G) formation neo/plasm -cyte (G) cell erythr/o/cyte -pathy (G) disease encephal/o/pathy -emesis (G) vomiting hyper/emesis -mania (G) madness pyro/mania -somnia (G) sleep in/somnia -mnesia (G) remember a/mnesia -phobia (G) fear claustr/o/phobia -philia (G) attraction pedo/philia Suffixes
  26. 26. 26 Root+Suffixes Meaning Example . -sclerosis (G) hardening arteri/o/sclerosis -malacia (G) softening oste/o/malacia -stenosis (G) narrowing mitral stenosis -ectasia (ectasis) (G) dilation bronchi/ectasis expansion -megaly (G) enlargement cardi/o/megaly -staxis hemorrhage epi/staxis -stasis, stasia (G) stop, make stand hem/o/stasis -plegia (G) paralysis, stroke hemi/plegia Suffixes
  27. 27. 27 Root+Suffixes Meaning Example . -plexy (G) stroke apo/plexy -emia (G) blood condition an/emia leuk/emia -uria (G) urine condition glycos/uria -lysis (G) destruction, separation hem/o/lysis -logy (G) study histo/logy -cyesis (G) pregnancy pseud/o/cyesis -partum (L) birth, labor post/partum -trophy (G) nourishment, a/trophy development -esthesia sense an/esthesia Suffixes
  28. 28. 28 Root+Suffixes Meaning Example . -osmia (G) smell an/osmia -op(s)ia (G) see dipl/opia -phonia (G) sound a/phonia -phagia (G) eat poly/phagia -pepsia (G) digest dys/pepsia -dipsia (G) thirst poly/dipsia -pnea (G) breathe hyper/pnea -rrhea (rhea) (G) flow, discharge rhin/orrhea -rrhage (rhage) (G) bursting forth hem/orrhage -rrhexis (rhexis) (G) rupture enter/orrhexis Suffixes
  29. 29. 29 Suffixes therapy & operation Suffixes Meaning Example . -tomy (G) incision, section laparo/tomy -ectomy (G) excision gastr/ectomy -stomy (G) artificial opening gastr/o/jejun/o/stomy -rrhaphy (G) suture perineo/rrhaphy -plasty (G) surgical repair rhino/plasty shaping -pexy (G) fixation nephr/o/pexy -lysis (G) separation nephr/o/lysis
  30. 30. 30 Suffixes Meaning Example . -lapaxy (G) crushing & lith/o/lapaxy removal -tripsy (G) crushing nephr/o/lithi/o/tripsy -clasis (clasia) (G) surgical fracture oste/o/clasis -clysis (G) irrigation rect/o/clysis -centesis puncture thorac/o/centesis -desis (G) fusion, binding arthr/o/desis Suffixes therapy & operation
  31. 31. 31 Suffixes Suffixes Meaning Example . -gram (G) record electrocardio/gram -praph (G) recording instrument electrocardio/graph -graphy(G) recording method electrocardio/graph -scope (G) examining instrument micr/o/scope -scopy (G) examining method micr/o/scopy -meter (G) measuring instrument pelvi/meter -metry (G) measuring method pelvi/metry -opsy (G) vision bi/opsy aut/opsy -tome (G) cutting instrument derma/tome
  32. 32. 32 Suffixes Suffixes Example . Singular Plural Singular Plural -ma -mata aden/oma adeno/mata -on -a gangli/on gangli/a -us -i calcul/us calcul/i -um -a atri/um atri/a -a -ae burs/a burs/ae -is -es pelv/is pelv/es -ix -ces appendix appendices -ex -ices cortex cortices -ax -aces thorax thoraces