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Bilal and hamza work


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analysis of ted

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Bilal and hamza work

  1. 1. Ordinary world• It’s a Christmas eve and he gets a teddy bear for christmas• He wishes the teddy bear to be alive to be his bestfriend
  2. 2. Call to adventure• Next morning hes alive and their friends and live happily ever after• 30 years later they’re grown ups and still best friends• They smoke weed/pot/drink and have loads of sex.
  3. 3. Tests, allies, enemies• He meets a girl and has to choose between her and ted• Ted has to move out
  4. 4. Ordeal• Ted moves out• He finds it alone and difficult• He gets a job• Gets a girlfriend• But still lonely• Then he gets kidnapped• His mate saves him• He dies• And comes back to life.
  5. 5. The road back• His girl allows ted back to live with them
  6. 6. Return with elixir• Ted comes back to him and he lives with him