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An Infographic on "Mobile Market in Bangladesh"


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An Infographic on "Mobile Market in Bangladesh" presented by based on Bikroy user data in 2019.

You will get know from this Infographic:
01. Percentage of Mobile Ads on Bikroy in Different Divisions.
02. Top Most Searched Mobile Brands on Bikroy.
03. 5 Most Popular Mobile Brands Based on Bikroy Ads.
04. Availability of Mobiles Shorted by Price Range.
05. Mobiles by Platform.
06. Mobiles by Price Range.
07. New vs Used Mobile Growth Rate on Bikroy.

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An Infographic on "Mobile Market in Bangladesh"

  1. 1. Based on Bikroy User Data 2019 MOBILE MARKET IN BANGLADESH Bikroy has the highest number of mobile phone listings from Dhaka MOBILES BY LOCATION Xiaomi Samsung iPhone Nokia Huawei Vivo Oppo TOP SEARCHED MOBILES TOP BRANDS LISTED SAMSUNG SYMPHONY XIAOMI APPLE NOKIA JAN2019 FEB MAR APR MAY JUN 150k ads 30%GROWTH RATE USED PHONES NEW PHONES 10%GROWTH RATE MOBILES BY INVENTORY LISTED SOLD The vast majority of mobile ads on Bikroy have a price tag of under BDT 5,000 MOBILES BY PRICE RANGE Below 5kBelow 5k 5k - 10k5k - 10k 10k - 20k10k - 20k 20k - 30k20k - 30k 30k - 50k30k - 50k Above 50kAbove 50k 55% 12% 20% 7% 4% 2% MOBILES BY PLATFORM Android 70% iOS 10% Feature 20% Android is by far the most available phone on Bikroy CHATTOGRAM 10% KHULNA 7% 62% DHAKA 21% OTHERS