Bike trip – an adventurous way of enjoyment


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Bike trip – an adventurous way of enjoyment

  1. 1. Bike Trip – An Adventurous Way Of EnjoymentBike trip also referred to as bicycle travel, bike touring, cycle tour, bicycle touring, bike packingand bike travel, is the act of riding a cycle or a bike for long distance which may be completedwithin few days, weeks, months or years. Even it can end up to more than a year if you travelacross entire cities, states and countries under your own power i.e. without the assistance of amotor. It is usually done over a long distance and people give priorities to pleasure andendurance over speed or utility. As it has already been mentioned that bicycle touring can rangefrom single day rides to multi-day trips, tours may be planned and organized by their specificneeds and requirements.These types of bike trip can be organized and planned by the participants for multipurposeactivities such as a professional holiday business, a club as well as a fund raising venture, acharity. There are various bike clubs available which use to organize bike events according tothe participants’ specific needs and requirements. There are various kinds of bike trip that areorganized some of which are as follows:Long Day Trip: As the name suggests, this is for long day trip which are not usually a bike tripat all but it’s a very long single day bike ride. There are two types of long day trip. A long daytrip consists for you of simply jumping on your bicycle and going for a ride that stretches for aspan of 24 hours or less. The other kind of long day trips is a bicycle tour conducted by anorganization which brings potential cyclists together in a particular location and cyclists ridetheir bikes for a long distance in a single day. This type of ride can range from 60 miles to 100miles in a 24 hour time span.If want to participate in these kinds of bike trip and you are not able to find partners with whichyou can participate, you should join bike clubs. There are various bike clubs available where
  2. 2. numerous participants use to register themselves. Thus, anyone can here find participants as pertheir specific interests and choices too within their financial budget. For registration orparticipating in bike events, participants have to pay registration fees which may vary fromclubs. You should choose one of the best bike clubs according to your special needs andrequirements.Bikepath Country was established as a way to engage outdoor and health enthusiasts withsocially responsible advertising while helping municipalities raise money for their parks andrecreation department. Our goal is to help preserve and expand this country’s bike path system,as well as promote a clean and healthy environment for the community.