Sql developer 4 0 install - linux


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Installation screens of SQL Developer 4.0 on Oracle Linux. Also included screens showing the DBA menu supporting several Oracle Database 12c features.

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Sql developer 4 0 install - linux

  1. 1. SQL Developer 4.0 on Linux - Easy Install Steps Download RPM http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/sql-developer/downloads/ Download Linux RPM, Click on the Download link. Click Install
  2. 2. The RPM was installed as “oracle” user, hence need to provide “root” password for RPM install. Installation completes in few minutes… SQL*Developer is installed under /usr/local/bin as in shown below. SQL Developer requires JDK 7 or above as mentioned in initial download screen. Click on the Download link to download the version for Linux and install JDK 7.
  3. 3. Click Install. JDK 7 is installed under the default location /usr/java. Now, let us start sqldeveloper and check if it is working… Provide the location of the JDK install. Here my input was /usr/java/latest. Since this was first time SQL Developer on this server, there was nothing to import from an earlier version.
  4. 4. Now, SQL Developer initializes… And here is the opening screen… Click on the Get Started links to learn more…
  5. 5. Click on the green + to start a database connection. Confirm the Java location is updated in the conf file… /opt/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/bin/sqldeveloper.conf Now, you can start SQL Developer from the Linux menu as well…
  6. 6. Here is quick overview of SQL Developer after you login… Section 1 - Object Navigator: Browse, create, alter, objects in the database Section 2 - Reports: Several predefined reports, and you can create own reports Section 3 - DBA Menu: Several database administrator tasks, including creating pluggable databases, start/stop pluggable databases. Section 4 - Worksheet: For queries and SQL commands Section 5 - Query output, SQL command output Section 6 - Messages: Debug information
  7. 7. Following screens show the DBA Menu (Section 3 expanded)… You can pretty much create new DBA object (like tablespaces, pluggable databases, users, roles, redo log, etc) for all types displayed on the left hand side navigation… The database Objects are created using the “Connection Navigation” (Section 1). Pluggable database operations…
  8. 8. Archivelog and Flasback Options View and change Initialization Parameters… Undo Advisor
  9. 9. Datapump Wizard… very cool!
  10. 10. RMAN Backup Wizard…
  11. 11. RMAN Settings… User Management other DBA options including Storage…
  12. 12. Create User Screen… Create Tablespace Screen…
  13. 13. Redolog Management… As you can see SQL Developer is now a full function Database Administration tool. Though you need not know the syntax for any of the database administration tasks, it is a good idea to always click on the “SQL” button or tab, and view (and learn) the SQL behind the action… Good luck! Happy administration with SQL Developer 4!!