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  1. 1. • Advocacy • Homecare • Hospital Support • 24/7 On-Call Support • Parent Care • 360° Case Management • Navigation of the Healthcare System • Brain Health Programs • Palliative Support Care • Respite Care Call 847.745.1414 We can help. Alzheimer’s Care Helping your family manage “Thank you for coming to to the rescue. After many weeks of confusion and unrest in our family concerning our father who has Alzheimer’s, we came to Qualicare for answers and guidance. Not only did you help us but based on your excellent advice, we ended up with an unbelievable caregiver for our father and a solution to our seemingly desperate situation. - Les & Sheryl B. ”
  2. 2. We understand Alzheimer’s There are a lot of misconceptions about Alzheimer’s, the most common being that it is a result of stress or old age. We will help you become an informed and empowered caregiver so that you can better understand your loved one and their disease. Family Homecare We focus on care for the whole family so you can focus on your loved ones. Essentially, we take on the role of“professional son or daughter”allowing you to minimize your stress so you can enjoy quality time with your family and peace of mind knowing Qualicare is involved. Unique 360° Case Management Program Nurse Managed Non-Medical Care All of our care is managed by nurses to ensure we are providing the right care in the right way. Caregivers are thoroughly oriented with the right priorities and clear direction. Nurse Managers also provide ongoing professional monitoring, oversight and reviews of care in order to ensure the patient’s goals are achieved and the quality of service is maintained. Around the Clock Support The needs of a person with Alzheimer’s disease are constantly changing. We are here for you to around the clock. Our 24/7 on-call service offers comfort and support when it’s needed the most. Expert Care with Unparalleled Service Founded in 2001, Qualicare makes it possible for people to stay at home and reduce their risk of hospital visits. An exceptional team of case managers and caregivers provide unparalleled and expert healthcare management, personal care and support at home. Here to support you. You are not alone. Caring for a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can be overwhelming. You may have questions and concerns about what to do and where to turn. Qualicare understands Alzheimer’s disease and we are here to help you navigate the stages of the disease while also allowing you to maintain a well-being. We are here to support you through this experience. We can help. Our certified Case Managers are devoted to the needs of each family’s unique situation. They are involved with patients and their families to coordinate their healthcare and collaborate with physicians, hospitals, social agencies, and private service providers to enhance the quality of care. Call 847.745.1414