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  1. 1. PEYOTE STITCH AND NETTING Ethnic echoes Contrasting colors and textures define the feel of this comfortable peyote stitch collar designed by Virginia Jensen Custom-fit this collar to lay beautifully on your neckline by carefully placing 110 and 150 seed beads. Finishing touches include loops of seed beads and graceful fringe.
  2. 2. b e d Being a longtime Egyptophile, I loved the idea of collars, and I started out early to try to make one. I tried netted collars, but they didn’t give me the look I wanted. After making d c a Rebecca Peapples’ two-drop peyote collar from the October 2005 issue of Bead&Button, I decided to use the same b technique to realize the base for this design. a c f g h i stepbystep stitches using 110s (f–g). j [6] Continue working in modified two- Both of these collars begin with a base drop peyote, adding thread (Basics) as d stitched in modified two-drop peyote. needed until your collar is 14½ in. a e They curve naturally because you stitch (36.8 cm) or the desired length (g–h), 150 seed beads in the inner edge and keeping the length of the clasp in mind. 80s in the outer edge. The curve of the [7] Work two more rows of two-drop topaz necklace is greater than the black- b e peyote using 110s (h–i). Weave through c and-white one because you use 150s in the beadwork to exit at point j. size 80, color A every other row along the inner edge, [8] Pick up half of the clasp, sew into b size 110, color A as opposed to every fourth row along the next two 110s (figure 2), and retrace the outer edge, as in the black-and- the thread path several times to rein- size 150, color A d white collar. The pattern shown in force the clasp. Secure the working size 110, color B figure 1 is for the topaz necklace. For thread in the beadwork with a few half- size 110, color C a more gentle curve, substitute two 110s hitch knots (Basics), and trim. for every other group of three 150s. [9] Remove the stop bead from the tail Both collars have netting along the on the other end of the collar, and a c f g h i outer edge, but the black-and-white repeat steps 7–9 to attach the other half collar also has edging along the top and of the d clasp. b j c a loops across the front. Embellish your collar as desired. b Embellishments a c Collar base Front loops [1] On 3 yd. (2.7 m) of thread, pick up [1] Secure 2 yd. (1.8 m) of thread in the a stop bead (Basics, p. 126), leaving a beadwork, and exit figure 3, point a. b e 10-in. (25 cm) tail. Referring to figure 1 [2] Pick up a color C 110, a color A 110, f e for the bead pattern, pick up three 150s a color B 110, an A 110, and a C. Skip and 12 110s. Skip the last four 110s, and over four 110s on the collar base, and sew through the next two (a–b). Work sew through the next C (a–b). Sew two more two-drop peyote stitches through the adjacent C in the horizontal d using two 110s per stitch, and exit the row (b–c). figure 1 first three 150s added (b–c). [3] Pick up a C, a B 110, an A 110, a B [2] Work three two-drop peyote 110, and a C. Skip over four 110s on the size 80, color A stitches, using two 110s per stitch (c–d). collar base, and sew through the next C [3] Work one stitch with an 80 instead size 110, colorSew through the next horizontal (c–d). A of two 110s (d–e). C (d–e). size 150, color A d c a [4] Work two two-drop peyote stitches size 110, color B steps 2 and 3 along the [4] Repeat using two 110s per stitch (e–f). center rows of stitches until you reach size 110, color C [5] Work one stitch using either three the other end. Secure the tails in the b 150s or two 110s, as explained above, beadwork, and trim. figure 2 and then work five two-drop peyote | December 2007 81
  3. 3. a c f g h i j d a e d c a b d a e b e b a c c b d c d b f e figure 5 figure 3 Top edge a C, and three B 110s. Sew through the d c a [1] Secure 1 yd. (.9 m) ofbthread in next 80 and 110 (a–b). Sew through the size 80, color A the beadwork, and exit one end of the adjacent 110 in the horizontal row and size 110, color A b collar at figure 4, point a. back through the 80 and the 110 below a b [2] Pick up a B 110, a C, and a B 110. c it (b–c). size 150, color A Skip the stack of 150s, and sew through [3] Repeat step 2, but pick up only d sizefigure 4B 110, color the next stack of 110s (a–b). Sew two B 110s at first, then pick up the size 110, color C through the next stack of 110s (b–c). remaining sequence. Repeat along the c [3] Pick up an A 110, and sew back f outer edge until you e reach the other d maTerials through the stack of 110s your thread end (c–d). When you reach the last both collars is exiting and through the next stack of stitch, continue on through the next • Fireline or Power Pro 8 lb. test f e 110s (c–d). four 110s (d–e). • beading needles, # 10 [4] Repeat steps 2 and 3 along the [4] Pick up a C, two B 110s, a drop inner edge until you reach the other bead, two B 110s, and a C. Sew through black-and-white collar end. Secure the tails in the beadwork, the A 110 in the next loop of the previ- without clasp size 80,in. (36.8 cm) 14½ color A and trim. ous row of netting (e–f). • 42 5 x 8 mm glass or pearl drop beads [5] Repeat step 4 until you reach the size 110, color A • Japanese seed beads Netting other end. Secure the tails in the bead- 2 g size 80, color A color A size 150, [1] Secure 2 yd. (1.8 m) of thread in work, and trim. size 110, color B 30 g size 110, in each of 3 colors: the beadwork, and exit the first 80 from A, B, C size 110, color C one end along the outer edge of stitches 3 g size 150, color A (figure 4, point a). After 30 years • clasp [2] Pick up three B 110s, a C, an A 110, of working in graphic design, topaz collar Virginia Jensen without clasp 14½ in. (36.8 cm) finds it natural • 42 5 x 8 mm glass or pearl drop beads to apply design • Japanese seed beads principles to 1 g size 80, color D beading tech- 25 g size 110, in each of 3 colors: niques. As the graphics trade became A, B, C more computerized, she liked the 4 g size 150, color B idea of returning to working with • clasp her hands. Visit Virginia’s Web site, 82 Bead&Button |
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