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  1. 1. Summer sophisticates String an easy multistrand pearl necklace and earrings by Diane Jolie P earls and summer parties go together like bubbles and champagne, but don’t wait for a black-tie affair to show off this ensemble. Wear it whenever you feel aside a few pearls for earrings. The featured pair incorporates the same beads and techniques used to make the necklace. This project offers plenty of room for creative interpretation, so have and string three round spacer beads, a cylinder, and 15 in. (.38m) of pearls (photo b). String a cylinder, three round spacers, and the other clasp half. Go like adding a touch of sophistication. fun making your own party pearls. back through one round spacer (photo To make the necklace, string pearls of c). Snug up the beads. different colors – one color per strand, as shown here, or mix colors for confetti stepbystep Tie off the thread with a front-back- front knot as follows: Pull one thread strands. Dress up the necklace with a ring necklace out of the needle, and thread it through or fob of crystals and pearls or other With 4 ft. (1.2m) of thread, tie a a second needle (figure 1). With a needle materials. I like to have more than one lark’s head knot (see “Basics,” p. 180 in each hand, tie half a square knot fob, switching them to match my mood and photo a) on the clasp loop. (“Basics”) in front of the pearl strand or stringing multipules at one time. Set Thread both ends through a needle (figure 2). Turn the necklace over and 108
  2. 2. figure 1 figure 2 figure 3 a f b d g c e h repeat, tying the ends in the same order loop. Complete the loop (photo f). (right over left or left over right) as Trim the excess wire. materials before. Turn the necklace over again and Slide the ring over the clasp’s toggle all repeat to produce a third knot (figure 3). end. Position the fob on the side or • 5 16-in (.4m) strands of pearls, 3 colors, Go through the next spacer and center of the necklace (photo g). various sizes repeat the three-knot process. Dab the 17-in. (.43m) necklace knots with glue and let them dry. Go earrings • 6 2mm round spacer beads through the next beads, then cut Make a lark’s head knot • 2 5mm cylindrical spacer beads the thread. on the earring loop with 12 in. • toggle clasp (Scottsdale Bead Supply, Repeat steps 1-5, stringing (.3m) of thread. String three see ad, p. 3) five strands of pearls in total (photo d). round spacers. • beading needles, #12 String an alternating pattern • Fireline B or Nymo D conditioned with fob of pearls and spacers. Then string Thread Heaven This ornamental ring dresses up three more round spacers • G-S Hypo Cement the necklace, but it’s optional. (photo h). earrings Make a wrapped loop Go through the earring loop • 32 2mm round spacers (see “Basics”) on one end and back through the first spacer. • 2 ear wires of the 24-gauge wire. Make two front-back-front knots • beading needles, #12 String 21⁄2-3 in. (64- as before. Dab the knots with glue • Fireline B or Nymo D conditioned with 76mm) of pearls and crystals and let them dry. Go through the Thread Heaven in an alternating pattern (photo next spacer and cut the thread. • G-S Hypo Cement e). Experiment with the length to make Make a second earring to match fob (optional) sure the ring slips over a clasp end and the first. w • 5-7 4mm Swarovski crystals or fits snugly around your pearls. fire-polished beads Start a wrapped loop close to the Diane Jolie is managing editor of • 7 in. (.18m) 24-gauge wire end bead and connect it to the first Bead&Button magazine. Tools: wire cutters (for fob) Bead & Button • June 2004 109
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