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Interior Pages The Man02

  1. 1. LawndaLe, CaLifornia. So The nighT afTer you have The denzeL’s aCCidenT. d-n-what of who? of animals. so now i’m Like manimaL or someThing. my rap Career is nuLL and void. denzel, one thing god saved you the world doeSn’t from The aCCidenT and need iS another rapper. gave you powers for iT’s Time To TeLL a reason. i know you a new sTory. wanT To be a rapper, give These buT desTiny Tends kids someThing To To geT iTs beLieve in besides Snoop way. dr. Fat whatever. you Can use your powers To geT rid of drugs, ThaT’s Lower Crime, or heLp noT how i see iT, worLd peaCe. grandma. doCTor presCoTT hooked me up wiTh a serum unTiL he figures ouT a way To geT me baCk To normaL. hopefuLLy soon. now boy i said you’re going To be a superhero and you you’re going To Can be a a superhero. superhero! grandma i’m noT being no superhero. i goTTa foCus on The baTTLe of The miCs. i don’T Care. if you gonna Live under my roof, you’re gonna be a super- hero and that’s final. i don’T wanT To be one. They don’T geT paid
  2. 2. i’m proposin’ we mix nightcluB, merge our businesses afTer-hours. under one ruLe. iT’s a i Can jungLe ouT There and be The CoLor whaT There shouLd be of money... iT’s do ya wanT one king. your ChoiCe, from us? genTLemen. your disTribuTion neTworks. okay, warThog ... you have our CooperaTion, now whaT? and who’s gonna be king, you? i have for you a new produCT To CorrupT The minds and bodies of The youTh. bumps my man, you aLways was what smarTer Than the hell you Look. was dat? whaT our why is iT? fuTure. wouLd go on, i give up my bumps, don’T TerriTory and aCT Like iT’s my money To your firsT you? Time. Black The saBBath. point of Synthetic cocaine. persuasion. Cheap ThriLLs for The boys and girLs. i Can be The CoLor of i guess ThaT’s an deaTh, or… endorsemenT. we jusT need funding, then … world domination.
  3. 3. now don’T geT beside … multi-car yourseLf ’Cause you The nexT day, whaT’s pileup on the goT some superpowers. earLier Than denzeL ThaT? 405 Freeway... remember, i’m aLways had pLanned... krypToniTe To grandma, you whaT are you you, boy. iT’s hear ThaT, doin? denzeL? we a poLiCe sCanner, goT us a fooL. CaLL. why do we have shh! a poLiCe i Can’T sCanner? hear. we? we ain’T doing noThing, grandma. beCause we don’T have a baT signaL. yes, ma’am. i don’T know whaT i’m supposed To dang, be doing. now we Can hear whaT’s iT’s a Crime i’m noT aLready grandma, whaT going down in The sTreeTs. a famous rapper! ThaT’s The size is This-- Then you Can swoop in whaT’s onLy Crime i’LL be fighTing… extra medium? There and give ’em a This? and yeah, maybe i’LL do iT’s mad hand … with this… a video in my smaLL. underwear. your ouTfiT. weLL, i know you’re noT suppose To be sTanding around doing noThing. now jump! use Them wings she’s goT me up here wearing a TighT, pLeaTher suiT Looking Like a gay now baTman. i goTTa wriTe some new rhymes. you iT’s goTTa spread aerodynamiC, eagLe, boy. fooL. i read abouT spread how To make Those eagle! suiTs on The inTerneT. now whaT’Cha get going. gonna do -- now fighT Crime remember, in your 405 Freeway. underwear? hurry! There you go.
  4. 4. 405 freeway, Los angeLes. look, w who, i’m Freak, h and what, The heLL are here To This is no Time for games. i you? heLp. wesT hoLLywood is n in The oTher direCTion. now e Beat it. is ThaT iT’s a a broTha Coming bird! Towards us? whoops! iT’s a whoops! my bad. pLane!
  5. 5. i know how To puT This ouT… buT, durham geneTiC yo, whaT’s damn, this researCh Lab d, good To up, bruh. wasn’T supposed see you in i didn’T Think To happen. one pieCe. you’d be baCk so soon. you good? i’m mainTaining, conSidering... iT Looks Like The guy in The earTha kiTT don’T worry abouT ouTfiT sTarTed iT, man. you don’T weirder Than ThaT freak on a hiLLside wanna be around me The freeway LasT nighT? fire. wiTh aLL This weird weirder Than ThaT sTuff ThaT’s been braCeLeT? Look, happening. or shouLd i wouLd i say, of visiTed gay-CeLeT? you aT The hospiTaL. iT’s buT someThing The you know, doCTor gave a broTher goT me. iT pumps warranTs. mediCine inTo my bLood. puT okay, your hands This isn’T or paws where good. we Can see ’em or we’LL shooT. hey, it can’t LisTen up. Be … The one man jusT dr. presCoTT was ThaT CouLd save drug? kiLLed a few nighTs ago do iT, shooT LeT me geT me … dead? freak! when he visiTed Those me? i jusT some. sLime baLLs from saved Those damn, whaT The prison kids Lives! are They esCape.... giving you, sTeroids? you’re seriousLy going To arresT me. ThaT ain’T righT… sorry. Things have jusT been Crazy.
  6. 6. dr. presCoTT’s researCh LaboraTory. Lake hoLLywood hey, reservoir man, whaT’s ricky! going on? riCky, noThing. geT ouT of There right now! There’s no Cure! so whaT are your powers? meTro raiL. an hour LaTer. i Can fLy and i have a Long Tongue hey, Long we’ve been Tongue ain’T bad, boys sinCe The heLL i wouLdn’T sixTh grade. don’T mind having sTarT pLaying ThaT. me To The LefT. you’re righT--i’LL oh my spiLL, buT noT god! ricky! here. somebody help! you know, superheroes Then geT The girLs. and whaT are we haLLe barry is waiTing for? doC say you avaiLabLe… LeT’s be ouTTa gonna be aLL here. meanwhiLe, noT Too apparenTLy, i aLso goT far away as The yo, man, me some super-hearing righT? squirreL fLies… roCk The whaT’s beCause a girL’s sCream miC. wrong? jusT pierCed my naw. brain. i don’T know. hey, i goT way naw. more pressing i don’T know. issues Than someone’s roCk The in TroubLe. miC. i’m ouTTa here!
  7. 7. Three miLes pLease don’T LeT down The river. don’T riCky drown. i was supposed To be worry, miss. waTChing we have This under him. ConTroL. i see The kid Coming now. who are you? i’m nobody. i’m jusT a man Trying To do The righT Thing. hey, you, waiT righT There! ~g u r g le~ we LosT him! we need anoTher seT up down sTream, now!
  8. 8. wow, i love ThaT Tongue. exCuse me, i’m sTanding righT here. yep, and you were aLso sTanding righT here when ThaT punk robbed us. i Think we have ourseLves a superhero. sorry abouT The roof, i’ve goTTa Learn To sTiCk The Landing. boy, whaT’s going on? The nexT nighT ... wiLshire aparTmenTs i don’T Think we have enough manpower To Lord, save Them i wasn’T aLL! gonna drink iT. i promise. you know my hearT. The nexT gimme day ... your money. Take iT! jusT don’T hurT us.
  9. 9. whaT you mean your Thanks Ladders Can’T reaCh? for Cushioning This you’re The fire my faLL, beTTer be deparTmenT. feLLas. some good shiT, don’T homes. noT Like ThaT worry. This is dirT you boughT good shiT. i boughT from heCTor iT from a bLaCk guy LasT week. named moses. said somebody iT’s The promised Lose a Land. baby? don’t Blame us, our budgeT goT CuT. apparenTLy, you whiCh diCkweeds needed way is more squad wiLshire? Cars. waiT iT’s ThaT Thank a minuTe... yeah, way. you. Thank how did you Thanks, how did geT down you. feLLa. you geT down here? here wiThouT your baby? This is some good shiT, homes. hey, jim, our Ladders Can’T help! reaCh ThaT and afTer somebody ma’am, ThaT daring iT’s okay! whaT high. heLp me! my who resCue, we Can aLL baby’s in fLoor is The are agree ThaT la’s There. baby on? you? got a new man! i’m jusT a man. where do you Come ThaT’s from? are my boy! you a freak? i Think you need To The Take This ChiLd Seventeenth To proTeCTive fLoor. serviCes.
  10. 10. broken miC sTudios. i Can’T hoLd up, sneak you who said i was yo, kim, in here defenseLess? we goTTa anymore-- weLL i’m bounCe. i jusT goT noT The one a projeCT in Trying To fighT new york, so a defenseLess i goTTa woman. roLL. how’d iT sound? enough i onLy of This shiT. have Two how abouT we Take songs done. Care of boTh you whaT abouT biTChes. my demo? you were kiLLin’ sorry, iT, ma. This gonna baby. work be a hot is work. demo. and aaacckk! This nighT jusT geTs beTTer and beTTer… i goT a big bed ThaT CouLd show ThaT young body many Things. Looks Like somebody LosT Their way. maybe she needs a big sTrong man aahhh!! To show her The way where’s iT aT? yo mama’s house? hey, don’T need i was jusT superman’s eyes defenseLess Trying To To see ThaT my fooT. now LeT’s make This heLp. body. easy on yourseLf. LeT The Lady go abouT her business and you girL, go baCk To being i’ve kiLLed Losers. for Less. yeah, he jusT goT ouT yesTerday. weLL i’d haTe To puT you you baCk in. why onLy wanTed don’T you To heLp beCause Come off ThaT you ThoughT i was waLL so we Can a viCTim. go geT sTomp The biTCh your ThriLLs ouTTa ya! somewhere eLse, freak.
  11. 11. The nexT day, seCuriTy firsT bank. is ThaT riCoCheT you where you i know shouLd TheaTer. regisTer? whaT you’re be. going To ask damn sure and “yes” i’m dawg. five Thing, buT hundred and avaiLabLe. iT’s a gang of TweLve. peopLe Trying To geT puT on--Like over 500. you wanna go for reaL, geT married and huh? i Can have kids and CuT an aLbum Then Come waiTing on baCk? my Turn. urk! noBody moves! i don’T have The weLL, key… iT doesn’T exCuse maTTer whaT me… number i am, ’Cause i don’T Lose. You! open The vauLT! i Like winners. kim. in ThaT we? Case we we’re pLuraL denzeL... shouLd skip aLready? This joinT and go geT LoTTery Like The TiCkeTs. aCTor. i guess you geT ThaT a LoT, huh? someone jusT Better point me every day in the direction of my of the vault Life. key! There’s someThing abouT your eyes --have we meT wrong before? uh… answer. yeah, you CaLLed me a freak! nah, we’d be hooked up if we had.
  12. 12. maybe so, buT The pubLiC i beTTer go regisTer. has a righT niCe meeTing noT now, ms. To know whaT’s you, denzeL. weaTherTon. going on in The bank. i undersTand There are muTanTs hoLding hosTages. yeah, uh… uh-oh... i hear sirens. damn, super duTies CaLL. are you gonna TeLL me ThaT wasn’T a muTanT CaTCh ThaT feLL ouT you of The sky eiTher? LaTer. whaT brings you here... arresT uh, man? me? for what? i Came To we goT heLp-- a bunCh of muTanT freaks robbing The bank. how do i know you’re noT in on arrest iT wiTh Them? this freak! ‘Cause i’m ouT here don’T geT Trying To heLp smarT, freak! i goT you. shooTers aLL around The buiLding. one word from me ends your paTheTiC, miserabLe Life. want to try me? TO BE CONTINUED…