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Task 1 the walt disney company presentation


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Task 1 the walt disney company presentation

  1. 1. Ross Young Case Study -
  2. 2. Founders: Walter And Roy Disney Current Chairman & CEO: Bob Iger Joint President: Walter Elias Disney The Walt Disney Company was founded in L.A, California in 1923 by brothers Walt And Roy Disney. Joint President: Roy Oliver Disney CEO (From 1984-2005): Michael Eisner The founders of The Walt Disney Company were Walt and Roy Disney. Both decided to be joint presidents but in 1960 Walt decided to step down and focus more on the creative aspects of the company. When Walt died in 1966, due to lung cancer, Roy took over as CEO and chairman until his death in 1971. Michael Eisner became CEO and Chairman in 1984 and became one of the most influential employees the company ever had. He stepped down from the jobs in 2005. Bob Iger is the current CEO and Chairman of The Walt Disney Company. He was recently brought in for the job in 2012. He has been active president since 2000 and has helped with acquiring Marvel Entertainment in 2009 and Lucasfilm in 2012.
  3. 3.  As a media conglomerate, The Walt Disney Company is a holding company.  It makes products itself like the theme parks across the world and also Pixar Animations however, it links a wide range of companies that each produce for themselves.  Some of the companies collaborate with each other and help each other out – e.g. “ESPN” and “ABC” both merged to form “ESPN on ABC”.
  4. 4. The Walt Disney Company own many subsidiary companies which each make a range of media products: •Walt Disney Studios •Disney Music Group •Disney Theatrical Group •Disney-ABC Television Group •Radio Disney •ESPN Inc. •Disney Interactive Media Group •Disney Consumer Products •The Muppets Studio •Pixar Animation Studios •Marvel Entertainment •UTV Software Communications •Lucasfilm
  5. 5. The company owned by The Walt Disney Company are responsible for the production of many well-known media products such as:
  6. 6. •In terms of revenue, The Walt Disney company is the largest of the 6 conglomerate media companies in the world. •It competes with 4 other conglomerates which are:
  7. 7. The Walt Disney Company competes with many other big film studios in Hollywood. Some of their biggest rivals include: •20th century Fox •Warner Bros •DreamWorks •Paramount •Universal •MGM (Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer) •Columbia Pictures