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IBM MQ Online Tutorials


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WebSphere MQ includes a alternative of APIs and supports the Java™ Message Service (JMS) API. WebSphere MQ is that the market-leading messaging integration middleware product. Originally introduced in 1993 (under the IBM MQSeries® name), WebSphere MQ provides associate degree an, reliable, scalable, secure, and superior transport mechanism to handle businesses property necessities.

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IBM MQ Online Tutorials

  1. 1. MQ SeriesCross PlatformDominant Messaging sw – 70% ofmarketMessaging API same on all platformsGuaranteed one-time deliveryTwo-Phase CommitWide EAI industry
  2. 2. What is it?MQSeries is a middleware product from IBM that runs on multipleplatforms and enables applications to send messages to otherapplications. Basically, the sending application PUTs a message on aQueue, and the receiving application GETs the message from theQueue. The sending and receiving applications do not have to be onthe same platform, and do not have to be executing at the same time.MQSeries takes care of all the storage, logging and communicationsdetails required to guarantee delivery of the message to thedestination queue. In most cases, it will take care of translating thedata when the source and destination use different character sets(EBCDIC on MVS vs. ASCII on NT or Unix). All the applications haveto do is know the name of the Queue and agree on the meaning of
  3. 3. MQ Series API (basic)Connect to a Queue ManagerOpen a queuePut or get messagesClose a queueCommit or roll
  4. 4. Advanced featuresTriggering – automatically starting anapplication to process a messageIMS & CICS Bridges – reusing legacytransactions without modificationConfirmation of message arrival,deliveryGrouping of messagesLoad
  5. 5. MQ Application environmentsIMS transactionIMS BMPIMS batchOS/390 BatchTSOCICSDB2 StoredProcedureVB program onWindowsC program onWindows or UnixSupported languages include VB, C/C++, PL/1 and
  6. 6. Local
  7. 7. Distributed
  8. 8. Distributed
  9. 9. Server to ServerClient PCs(no MQ sw at all)Unix or NT ServerHosting:Queue ManagerServer sw (WebSphere,UP, IIS, Apache, Webserver…)OS/390 hosting:Queue ManagerIMSDB2…
  10. 10. Server to Server -Server application gets it’s data usingMQ. Clients do not use MQ APIGuaranteed Delivery in effectServer license
  11. 11. Client to ServerClient PCs(MQ client sw)Unix or NT ServerHosting:Queue Manager,MQ Client support,other server swOS/390 hosting:Queue
  12. 12. Client to ServerClient applications use MQ API (linkeddifferently)MQ processing actually occurs onserver within client support modulesClient licenses freeGuaranteed delivery not supportedover client – server
  13. 13. To what problems is MQ thesolution?Fast, asynchronous inter-systemnotification.Data propagationTransferring data from mainframesystems to PC/Unix systemsTransferring data from PC/Unix systemsto mainframe
  14. 14. Problem…Solution…An event in an IMS system requires action by amidrange system.Modify the IMS program to PUT a message tothe midrange system. The midrange system can beconfigured to start the application whenever amessage
  15. 15. An event in an midrange system requires action by amainframe system.Modify the midrange program to PUT a message tothe mainframe system. The mainframe system canprocess the message :-Immediately-At set intervals-On a scheduleProblem…Solution…
  16. 16. MQSENDUP DatabaseOG_Main_DownloadOF_Main_UploadMQRECVECSDatabaseCADtoECSECStoCAD*existing ECS MPPs modified to:1 – add XML formatting to some data2 – MQPUT to UP incoming queueMQMQNew BMP, cycles every x minutes1) Reads all messages from queue into buffer2) Sorts on sequence number3) Processes each in proper orderCAD - MQ
  17. 17. Problem…Solution…A PC user needs to request an overnight report that needsdata from IMS, DB2 and other files.A VB program puts the report requirements on a queuewhich is read by a batch
  18. 18. Problem…Solution…Web server needs data from legacy IMS/CICS transaction.Web server puts a message to the MQ-IMS/CICS Bridge,which runs the transaction and returns the results on aqueue (screen-scraping without the 3270)
  19. 19. Problem…Solution…VB app needs data from DB2, SQL Server and IMSVB client app puts messages on queues on NT andmainframe systems, triggering programs which populatereply queues on an NT system, which the VB app will readto present to the user.The VB client need not wait for the report to be completed.It could spawn a separate thread that would monitor thereply queues and notify the user when the reportwas