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Hadoop course content | Hadoop Online Training DEMO


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Bigclasses Provides Hadoop big data Online Training in Course institute in Hyderabad , online Hadoop Training Course Live projects with Real Time Experts ..Call for free demo now

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Hadoop course content | Hadoop Online Training DEMO

  1. 1. Hadoop Online Training Course Content Introduction to Hadoop: RDBMS vsHadoop Ecosystem tour (9 products) Vendor comparison (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Amazon EMR) Hardware Recommendations HDFS: File System details NameNode and DataNode architecture Write pipeline Read pipeline Heartbeats Rack awareness Block scanner MapReduce: JobTracker/TaskTracker architecture Shuffle: Sort + Partitioning Speculative Execution input/output formats distributed cache Pig: Pig philosophy and architecture Grunt shell Loading data Exploring Pig Latin commands
  2. 2. Hive: Hive architecture Hive vs RDBMS HiveQL and the shell Managing tables (external vs managed) Data types and schemas Partitions and buckets HBase: Architecture and schema design HBase vs. RDBMS HMaster and Region Servers Column Families and Regions Write pipeline Read pipeline Next-Gen Hadoop: Intro to the high level concepts coming in Hadoop 2.0: HDFS HA HDFS Federation MapReduce 2.0 Want to learn hadoop online training click here Contact: usa: + 732 325 1626 ,India: +91 800 811 4040 , mail: