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A Big Data Timeline


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A timeline of the key moments in the history of Big Data and Data Science 1991 - 2020

Published in: Data & Analytics
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A Big Data Timeline

  1. 1. A Big Data Timeline A timeline of some of the key moments in the history of Big Data and Data Science 1991 - 2020
  2. 2. 1991 Courtesy of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, data and information can now be posted online for the first time. THE BIRTH OF THE INTERNET
  3. 3. 1996 Digital storage is more cost-effective for storing data than paper according to R.J.T. Morris and B.J. Truskowski, in “The Evolution of Storage Systems.” DIGITAL TAKES OVER
  4. 4. 1997 The Google search engine is launched. Today, over 40,000 Google searches are completed every second, or over 3.5 billion in a single day. GOOGLE LAUNCHES
  5. 5. 2003 We create as much data every two days as we did from the beginning of time until 2003. VOLUMES INCREASE
  6. 6. 2005 Big Data open-source platform Hadoop is released. It revolutionised data processing, allowing near limitless data storage and processing over multiple clusters. HADOOP HERO
  7. 7. 2007 The number of information bits in the digital universe eclipses the number of stars in the physical universe for the first time. A GALAXY OF DATA
  8. 8. 2008 There is over 9.57 Zettabytes that’s 9.57 Trillion Gigabytes of data processed in 2008 by the world's CPUs. ZETTABYTES
  9. 9. 2011 Over 12 million RFID (radio frequency identification) tags had been sold to monitor and track goods worldwide by 2011. RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION
  10. 10. 2013 The global Big Data market is said to be worth $10bn in 2013, and at that time, was predicted to rise to $54bn by 2017. GLOBAL MARKET
  11. 11. 2014 The number of people accessing the internet using mobile devices such as phones and tablets surpasses desktop users for the first time. MOBILE DEVICES COME OUT ON TOP
  12. 12. 2016 Big Data has grown at such a rate that 90% of the worlds data is said to have been created in the past two years alone. BIGGEST EVER DATA
  13. 13. 2016 A whopping 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data are now created each day. DAILY DATA
  14. 14. 2020 The IDC forecasts that the big data and analytics market will reach $203 billion by 2020. IT’S ONLY GETTING BIGGER…
  15. 15. With the market on the rise, it’s looking good for Big Data professionals around the world. Make your next move with Big Cloud! BIG DATA CAREERS