The Marketing Mix - Is Google God?


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At a breakfast club event we talked about the traditional marketing mix (think radio, newspaper, TV) - This presentation then picks up with digital and looking at how Google has influence and tools in this arena.

There are a multitude of Google products that can compliment your marketing mix and we looked at a few of these.

The presentation title also opened a more philosophical debate about the presence, growth and depth of Google that we touched on towards the end.

We'd love to know your thoughts on this (philosophically or marketing orientated!). Find us on twitter @bigwavemedia, LinkedIN or (umm...) Google+

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The Marketing Mix - Is Google God?

  1. 1. The marketing mix Is God? Simon Beer / Digital Director
  2. 2. Image sources copyright: & Founder: Larry Page Founder: Sergey Brin Server: Cooling pipes 1.1m sq ft: GooglePlex 70 offices: 40 countries MISSION STATEMENT ”organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" Worth: $287bn Unofficial: don’t be evil
  3. 3. The marketing mix Product Price Placement Promotion
  4. 4. Traditional marketing Newspaper Radio Directories Outdoor display Direct mail TV Print
  5. 5. Research Purchase
  6. 6. Google search 1bn+ Q’s a day 67% web users (US) SEO born Google Webmaster Google Analytics Semantic search Content – Blogger, G+ Google Adwords 96% of Google revenue 80% net users reached 3 top spots = 40% clicks Target at intent Ideal niche target Low cost Google maps 1bn monthly users Most used app - 54% Street view in 57 countries 5m miles of images Google Places Directions Sources: ComScore, Google, Vocus
  7. 7. Google + 300m monthly users 6.95% traffic growth Account integration Search influence SEO value Google apps 425m Gmail users 5m+ businesses 50m app users Cloud based Low cost Google for nonprofits Android 1bn+ activations Launched 2007 48bn app ↓ Largest phone book Company apps Google apps
  8. 8. Website optimiser Google sites Google forms Google alerts Google trends Blogger s Google analytics Hangouts Google groups Google Adwords Merchant Webmaster tools Chrome Google Marketing tools YouTube Translate Google +Calendar Search
  9. 9. Submit your site to Google Share data/Calendar in the cloud Setup a blog Host a webinar Run a pay per click campaign 10 marketing tools to try now… Setup Google alerts Setup your Google Places Setup a Google+ profile Create goals in analytics Setup monthly analytical reports
  10. 10. 1bn Android activations Christianity Google 2.1bn Christians worldwide Omniscience – all knowing Big data + trends (900,000 servers, 1bn devices) So, is Google God? 1m bibles sold per annum $150bn revenue in 2013 (Catholic church. Source: Economist) Omnipresence 365bn google searches per annum $57bn revenue in 2013 (Source: Google) 181 countries / 146 languages
  11. 11. The next step? Moon-shot: Calico A new company to focus on health and well- being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases.
  12. 12.