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Break the rules of selling


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A sought after, positive and inspirational trainer & speaker specialising in sales and service. Lesley has a long track record of producing hard, quantifiable results in the real world. Above all, a motivator of people, an outstanding communicator, brilliant with participants, she is commercially astute in spotting and developing opportunities others miss.

Lesley has enjoyed a successful career in sales and service for over twenty years and had gained a wealth of experience up to group sales management level. She works internationally with dedicated and non-dedicated sales people, service professionals and leaders in both the private and local authority sector. Her charismatic training style and the ability to deliver desired results has enabled her to be in high demand in the health and fitness industry and other industries.

Lesley is the founder of Nurturing Skills and believes that learning is a serious business issue and that training must be relevant, engaging, enthusing, tracked and followed up.

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Break the rules of selling

  1. 1. Break the Rules of Selling with Lesley Aitken
  2. 2. Nudge…
  3. 3. Cognitive fluency “It is human tendency to prefer things that are familiar and easy to understand.”
  4. 4. Emotional decisions, rational justifications Healthy but less tastyTasty but less healthy NaturalGenetically engineered Group 1
  5. 5. Emotional decisions, rational justifications Healthy but less tasty Tasty but less healthy Genetically engineeredNatural As much as 95% of our decisions are made by the subconscious mind. Group 2
  6. 6. The hidden persuaders Triggers for a sale • Heart rate • Respiration • Muscle contraction VivoMetrics “Neuroscience is where the intellectual action is these days” – The Observer
  7. 7. Museum Tourtitus
  8. 8. “Buyers are typically closer to making a buying decision than they used to be when they engage with you.”
  9. 9. Conclusions Understand what motivates a buyer to buy. Remodel your sales process. Retrain your staff.
  10. 10. Lesley Aitken Founder of Nurturing Skills, Speaker & Trainer. “We help people to be elite sales people.” Mobile: + 44 (0) 7815 800 939 Twitter: @lesley_at_NS Facebook: