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BigTrends University Coaching Program


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BigTrends University Coaching Program

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  3. 3. Welcome to the BigTrends Coaching Institute and to our online Options TraderProgram. BigTrends has a distinguished history and reputation for trading innovation thatcontinues today. BigTrends launched in 1999 and quickly became a leading investmentresource to thousands worldwide. After working with active investors and traders we startedone of the first dedicated online options training programs available. With successfulstudent-traders around the world many of our proprietary indicators are available on leadingplatforms while our methodologies are recognized by CNBC, Stocks & CommoditiesMagazine, Bloomberg and many more.We are pleased to be a pioneer in offering a complete option trading educational programacross the U.S. and around the world. BigTrends Coaching is time-tested and proven withother results oriented traders like you, and this rigorous program is taught by instructors who 3
  4. 4. have both the successful background and practical expertise necessary to deliver high-endtrading is dedicated to combining rigorous intellectual study with practical tradingapplication, in order to prepare you for building wealth for a lifetime. One measure ofsuccess are the countless graduates that come back over and over again to participate withBigTrends staff and our services. I invite you to read some of these success stories later inthis brochure.Our BigTrends Coaching will continue with the same tradition of measurable success. Youwill have the opportunity to practice what you learn in our options program alongside ourcoaches and on your own, applying your new knowledge in the markets will expose thepositive ROI you can experience for the remainder of your life. I encourage you to learnmore about the BigTrends Coaching Institute and I look forward to welcoming you to theprogram and working with you to improve your trading results.Price Headley, CFA, CMTFounder and CEO of 4
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  6. 6. 6 Feature Benefits Learn the Art & Science of Trading The Art consists of trading strategies and psychology while the Science covers our unique technical analysis. Youll find in-depth training on both in the brand new Options Trader Program. Expand Your Trading Skills & Build Wealth The new Options Trader Program provides continuous education of the proven options strategies that have been used by since 1999 for unlimited portfolio growth. Interact One-on-One With Your Coaches The BigTrends Coaches are available to answer all your options trading question including technical analysis, money management, psychology, leverage and more! Hands-on Application of Options Trading We teach you new trading tactics and strategies that will provide you with a solid system. We also provide students access to live trades via live trading courses and real time newsletter alerts. Network with Fellow Program Students Share your successes, failures and lessons learned with your fellow options traders as you journey together to options profits directly or on our student only blog. Renowned Faculty Hall of Fame trader, Chartered Market Technician, and Chartered Financial Analyst, Price Headley heads the BigTrends Coaching Team of Analysts that will share with you their specific trading strategies and methodologies with you. 6
  7. 7. Advantages of BigTrends1. Convenience The only requirements for taking our online trading course are a computer and Internet access. You also do not have to commute to Chicago or New York to gain access to professional and experienced traders. The online coaching program is delivered mainly in the form of interactive webinars and member-only discussion boards.2. Mobile All live coaching courses are recorded and made available on just about any mobile device available. With native support for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and more you will be able to master the markets even faster. If you cannot learn on the go, when will you learn and grow?3. Economical Our online trading program offers a far more economical way to learn and earn. What if you attempt to travel to the exchanges in New York or Chicago every day? Travel is not only time consuming, but also costly. Savings in transportation costs to you and the savings we enjoy are passed down to you.4. Self Discipline E-learning courses give you complete freedom to learn anytime from anywhere. This freedom gives you lessons in self discipline and time management. Successful traders have an excellent understanding of time management and with today’s weekly options expiration this is even more important.5. Earn and Learn While attending your BigTrends Coaching courses, students will be applying lessons learned into action. Either on your own, or under the guidance of our Trading Workshops you will be able to find opportunities in the market and capitalize on them with your new knowledge.6. Prolonged Access to Course Material Many times you will feel the need to brush up your technical analysis and options knowledge, and we give you the opportunity to do that. All the course material that you get as a part of your online course remains permanently with you, so you can revise any of the subjects any time you want. 7
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  9. 9. BigTrends Coaching Success Stories “Your system & rules have changed my mind set about the market and grossly improved my trading & entry points. May 1st through today I have entered 32 stocks or ETFs 28 profitable, 4 small losses, for massive ROR (rate of return).” Thank you, Richard Tiner “Good Morning Price - I have the highest praise for Scott, Andrew, Moby and yourself. Each of you has taught me something unique. Moby, Andrew & Scott have taught me the intricacies of both debit & credit spreads. I could not have learned this on my own. 9
  10. 10. These are more ideas that would have gone right over myhead if I had not taken the coaching class. Like you say,were not trying to be perfect, just profitable!Thanks for inviting me to the April 15 expiration livetrading that you held. I earned a little cash that day, andI’ve reviewed the video for reinforcement.”Sincerely,Pat Leary“Gentleman, the time has come for me to express mygratitude for guiding me in my trading career and giving methe opportunity to be associated with you.Since August of 2010, with your patient guidance andmeticulous application of what you taught me, I was able tobring one of my accounts from initial capital investment of$10,000 to $25,000 in three months. In my calculationsthat is a 150% increase, (and that is while working full timeat another occupation).Besides brining my accounts to the levels that would allowme to trade professionally for a living, my next goal is toachieve a CMT designation within next five years.Without the doubt, the coaching experience has been thegreatest one of my professional trading career and lifeexperience, and that has also transcended into other partsof my life.Mr. Headley – THANK YOU again, for all that you havedone for me. 10
  11. 11. Please - continue doing what you do, you are all great atwhat you do and you transform other people’s lives – youhave transformed mine.”Sincerely,Bo Myszko“The chance to understand the trading strategy you areapplying and to experience your application of it in real-time markets has been unbelievably helpful in improvingmy understanding, execution and pacing.You are helping me get my scanning, my thinking, and mytiming right.Thank you again for all you are doing to grow new traders"just like they grow turtles in Singapore." It is noticed andappreciated.”Best,Gary Gilliland“I am enjoying the experience with Big Trends and lookforward to a long association with you and Big Trends.For me to Learn, I know I will need to continue to study anduse the techniques and be mindful during my trading. I amgetting there and am enjoying the trip!Thanks for your teachings. Looking forward to the nextclass.”William R. Trione, CPA, CFP® 11
  12. 12. “As far as the 52 Week Coaching Course is concerned, Icouldnt be happier with the program and the instructionyou provided. I remember thinking at the time I signed upto take it that this has to be "The Bargain" to end allbargains when it comes to options coaching. Where elsecould I get 52 weekly coaching sessions for the extremelyreasonable price you were charging? And I havent changedmy opinion since finishing the program.Most firms wanted to charge me that much for theirprograms that were only a quarter as long. You mentionedseveral times your desire to under promise and overdeliver. In my mind, thats exactly what you did.”Sincerely,Bob Bentley“I thought the full years coaching was worth everypenny. It gave me the knowledge I was looking for and theconfidence that comes from that knowledge.”Thanks again,Ty“Overall it was excellent to say the least. I have to say thatthe key was your extensive knowledge and experience whichyou were willing to share, and your unwavering 12
  13. 13. enthusiasm. The key is the discipline taught, andadherence to your detail rules, exemplified by Percent R.Works great. Thank you very much!”TrentI cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my coaching year withyou --- talk about value!!!! You have made me aconsistently solid trader with an extensive technicaltoolbox.I have deep regard and respect for you and your entireteam...My sincere wishes for a happy and prosperousfuture.Always,Sue McClarinI just sold a half position for a +79% profit. This was myfirst ITM trade and the best profit margin Ive ever made!Now I know the skys the limit (with the teachings ofBigTrends) AWESOME!!!Don K. 13
  14. 14. Its time to apply and find out if the exclusive BigTrends Coaching is right for you.Call 1-800-244-8736 to speak with an admissions consultant today and take the next step to controlling your financial future. 14
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