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BigTrends Trading Plan


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Published in: Education
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BigTrends Trading Plan

  1. 1. TRADING BUSINESS PLANThe BigTrends Trading Business Plan will take your trading tonew highs. The four part worksheet will help you determine whatto trade and when to trade it while also showing you how toexecute the plan as a profitable business.
  2. 2. I. Executive Summary State your core goals from trading here, and how you expect to achieve your goals.II. Trading/Investing Objectives i. ii. iii. a. Next 12 Months Trading i. ii. iii. iv. v.III. Self-Assessment a. Vision and Purpose b. Commitment c. Resources 1. Background 2. Time 2
  3. 3. 3. Equipment 4. Capital d. Trading Edges 1. 2. 3. e. Weakness/Roadblocks f. Overcoming Roadblocks g. What Is Needed For Success 1. Resources i. ii. iii. iv. 2. Coaching i. ii. iii. iv.IV. Trading System Rules a. Time Frame (What charts will you use in your trading?) 3
  4. 4. b. What securities will your trade (Stocks, ETFs, Options, FOREX)c. What Technical Indicators will you use? (Include their settings) 1. Indicator i. ii. iii. iv. 1. Long Entry Rules i. ii. iii. iv. 2. Long Exit Rules i. ii. iii. iv. 3. Short Entry Rules i. ii. iii. iv. 4. Short Exit Rules i. 4
  5. 5. ii. iii. iv. 1. Profit Targets 2. Stop Limits 3. When will you take profits? 4. Options Selection Criteria (if applicable)d. How Will I Know the System is Broken?e. What Could Go Wrong with the Plan? 5