5 ways to keep your online community active


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Do you have an online community? Are you posting content and sharing your ideas with groups online?

Well, here are 5 easy steps to increase your group's activity.

Watch the webinar here: https://www.bigmarker.com/BMCommunity/online_Community_Active

You will learn:

~ Finding and creating good content
~ Implementing a schedule
~ Making newbies into regulars
~ Recruiting volunteers
~ Taking Advantage of the BigMarker Platform

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5 ways to keep your online community active

  1. 1. How to keep your online community active
  2. 2. Andy Andy@BigMarker.com Community Hero Joe Joe@BigMarker.com Community Hero
  3. 3. What is an active community? •  It’s a self-sustaining community •  If the organizer of the group left, it would continue to function •  Your job, as an organizer, is to work toward this stability
  4. 4. What does an active community look like? 4  
  5. 5. Stages of an online community Stage Incep*on Establishment Maturity Mitosis Descrip*on The  community  just   started.  You’re  pos*ng   most  of  the  content  and   invi*ng  most  of  the   people  to  join.  You’re   the  driving  force.  This  is   where  most   communi*es  fail. The  community  is  on  a   good  pace.  It’s  growing   and  members  are   sharing  on  their  own.   You’re  no  longer  the   driving  force.  You’re  a   facilitator. Take  a  vaca*on,  because   this  community  is  100%   its  own  en*ty.  If  it  was   garden,  you’re  just   trimming  here  and   there.  If  you  leE,  the   community  would   con*nue  to  grow. The  community  has   grown  so  large  that  you   need  sub-­‐groups  to   facilitate  more  specific   and  in*mate   conversa*ons.  Each  sub-­‐ group  will  go  back  to  the   incep*on  stage. %  of  organizer  posted   content 50  to  100% <  50% <  10% 50  to  100%
  6. 6. 5 ways to keep your community active 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  Finding and creating good content Implementing a schedule Making newbies into regulars Recruiting volunteers Taking Advantage of the BigMarker Platform
  7. 7. 1. Finding and creating good content •  In an online community, everything revolves around content. •  You need compelling content for your members to have a reason to log in. •  When we say content, we mean: –  video conferences, webinars, comments, files, polls, kudos as well as, sharing articles, asking questions, posting interesting quotes, and generally adding new ideas to the community. •  You can find content all around the web –  Google a topic, and share some interesting news or blog with the group 7  
  8. 8. 2. Implementing a schedule •  You should create a content posting schedule •  This will make your community more predictable for your members •  It will also make it easier for you to find content •  Your schedule should be based on your community needs and wants
  9. 9. Example schedule 1.  Monday - Opinion feature (stir debate) 2.  Tuesday - News or journal repost (get opinions on the subject) 3.  Wednesday - Host a webinar 4.  Thursday - Featured interview (can be with outsiders or those in your group) 5.  Friday - Event for the weekend 6.  Saturday - Welcome newcomers 7.  Sunday - Summary of the week and a look forward to the next week 10  
  10. 10. 3. Turning Newbies into Regulars •  When someone joins your community, they are a Newcomer (Newbie). •  Newcomers do not know anything about the community’s culture: –  inside jokes, hierarchy, insider language, norms and customs, etc. •  For most Newcomers, this is off putting. •  You need to make them feel welcome and accelerate them into becoming Regulars. •  You can do so by sending a “Welcome Guide” document that shares a history of the community and some other useful tips. •  You should also introduce the Newcomer to the group, and make sure that they are commenting on posts, participating in webinars, etc. 12  
  11. 11. Regulars are amazing •  Regulars are the most important part of a community •  Regulars post their own content, they attend events, they make comments, and they keep the conversation going –  This makes them the life blood of the community. –  Without regulars, it is just you posting content. –  To move from Inception to Maturity, you need to cultivate Regulars 14  
  12. 12. 4. Recruiting volunteers •  Volunteers are the champions or evangelists of your community •  They create video conferences and webinars, stay to your content schedule, and are dependable. •  If you have a few great Volunteers, it means you can focus on the long term stability/growth of the community. •  If you identify a potential Volunteer, beg them to help out 16  
  13. 13. 5. Taking Advantage of BigMarker •  BigMarker is a space where people go to connect –  With like minded people –  With those that share their passions •  On BigMarker, we help other passionate people find your group
  14. 14. The BigMarker home and find •  This page lets you browse all of the public: –  Video conferences –  Webinars –  Recordings
  15. 15. BigMarker is a content factory •  Your community includes an amazing amount of features •  Including the ability to host webinars and video conferences •  Webinars/conferences allow you to present or meet face-to-face with your community –  This is the ultimate content •  Also, anyone in your community can host webinars/conferences –  Give your volunteers the power to create amazing content!
  16. 16. Contact Andy Papier Community Hero Andy@bigmarker.com Joe Yeoman Community Hero Joe@bigmarker.com
  17. 17. Follow BigMarker •  •  •  •  •  Help.bigmarker.com Blog.bigmarker.com YouTube.com/bigmarkervideos Facebook.com/bigmarker Twitter.com/bigmarker