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Matter of Smith 12 I&N Dec 772 (DD 1968)


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This is only one old case to review as to employer-employee relationships. Cite as: Matter of Smith, 12 I&N Dec. 772 (D.D. 1968).

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Matter of Smith 12 I&N Dec 772 (DD 1968)

  1. 1. All of you folks struggling with demonstrating an employer-employee relationship needto do your homework and learn a history lesson or two. There are some past examplesto learn from and emulate. This old case is only one item to consider. Interim Decision # 1875 MATIER OF SMITH In Visa Petition Proceedings A-17583656 Deciderl by District Dilrectfir lJfay 11, 1968 Sirlh preference classification as a secretazy is accorded the beneficiary of a visa petition filed by an agency which furnishes secretar!al. stenograpb1c and other office personnel services to client firms on a temporary basis, stnce tbe petition. ing agency, whlch will pay beneficiary directly and bas guaranteed her full· timR permanent employment for 52 weeks a year with fringe benefits, is the actual employer of the beneficiary and the employment o:aer hJ 11ot of a sea· sonal or temporary nature. The petitioner is a. well-est,a:blished company which operates two distinct divisions in New York City and in other cities of the United St;a,tes and the world. One division operates as an employment service in the traditional sense, accepting job offers from employers and mak- ing referrals of applicants to those jobs. If the applicant. is hired, he becomes the actual employee of the company to whom the referral was made. The other divi111ion of the company operates as an agency which furnishes secretarial, stenographic, and otl1er office personnel to client firms which desire the services of such personnel on a. full-time but temporary basis. Personnel utilized by this division, however, are con- sidered by the petitioner to be its employees. Th~ petitioner desires to employ the beneficiary as a. secretary in this division of the company. In order ·to establish the beneficiarys eligibility for sixth preference classificat-ion the o:ffer of employment must not be "of a temporary or seasonal" nature within the meaning of section 203 (a) ( 6) of the Immi- gration and Nationality Act, as amended, and the petitioner must qualify as ·the actual employer of the beneficiary. The beneficiary completed a two-year full-time secretarial training program at the North-East Essex Technical College, Colchester, Eng- land in July 1957. Her program of instruction included typing, stenography, accounting, and general commercial wbjects. Sho has been employed as a secretary by various firms in England since Sep- tember 1951, and her employers have included a bank, a hospital, a publishing house, .a.nd various com.morcio.l firms. The beneficiary :in- 772
  2. 2. .lllWrllll .UeC1SlOll =fF .Ll? I 0tends to engage in ller occupation in the United States as a secretaryhaving accepted a position with the Brook Street Bureau of Mayfair,Ltd., New York, New York. The occupation of secretary is on the list of occupations for whichthe Secretary of Labor has precertifi.ed that there is a shortage ofemployable and willing persons in -the United States pursuant to sec-tion 212 (a) (14) of the Act. The list of precertifi.ed occupations appliesto all areas of the United States unless a pa;rticular area is specificallyexcepted. New York City is not an excepted area. The division of the petitioning company that furnishes specializedand generaJ. office personnel to client firms on a basis, guar-antees to all of its personnel desiring it full-time permanent employ-ment ba.sed. upon the prevailing 85 to 37Jh hour week in New YorkCity. This: wtl.S d9~ from s;npporting documentation submittedwith the petition and from an :interview of the petitioners personneldirector at this office on May 6, 1968. In the first year of employmentthe guarantee consists of a contract by tho Brook Street Bureau topay an employee a guaranteed weekly wage based upon the prevailingminimum 35 hour week even though the services of the employee maynot be assigned to client firms, but utilized within the ofB.oos of theBrook Street Bureau. In the second u:nd succeedmg years the peti-tioner meets the guarantee as a result of the currently prevailing highdemand for the services of skilled .temporary office personnel. An offi-cer of ~e petitioning company stated under oath that during herthree year tenure with the company, the Brook Street Bureau hadnever failed to provide full-time employment to those requesting itand that typical assignments range :from ~Several days to more thanthree months. The beneficiary will be paid directly by the Brook Street Bureau. ·Client firms are billed by the petitioner for the services provided them.The petitioner is fully responsible for making contributions to theemployees social security, workmens compensation, and un~ploy­ment insurance programs as well as for withholding Federal andState income taxes. The petitioner, furthermore, offers its personnelinvolved in temporary client services an opportunity to subscribe toa group insurance program and they Teceive a two week paid vaca-tion upon the completion of 50 weeks of full-time employment. In view of the fact that the petitioner has guaranteed the beneficiaryfull-time permanent employment for 52 weeks a year with a. two weekpaid vacation and other :fringe benefits and that the beneficiary willbe paid directly by the petitioner who is .responsible for all payrolldeductions and contributions, it is concluded that the petitioner quali-fies as the actual employer of the ibene:fici.a.ry within the meaning andrequirements of the Im.m.igra.tion and Nationality Act, aa amended. 773
  3. 3. Interim Decision #1875Parenthetically, the division of the petitioner which deals only withthe leferral of applicants to other employers as an employment ageneywould not qualify as an actual employer when such applicants areto be directly md penna.nently employed and :paid by other individualsor companies. It is :further concluded that the o:ffor of employment is not "of aseuonal or temporary ruttnm" as required by section 208 (a) {6} of the.A.c.t, as amended. ORDER: It is ordered that the sixth preference visa petition filed bythe Brook Street Bureau of Mayfair, Ltd. in behalf of Susan MartSmith be and tlhe same is hereby approved. 774