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Available training

  1. 1. Available Training: While EB-5 is the most requested and most popular training topic,I also provide training across the full range of Immigration, Nationality, and Citizenshipissues and concerns. Some pupils are attorneys, paralegals, and BIA accreditedrepresentatives seeking to expand their practice areas over a wider range of applicationand petition types. Those additional subjects might include naturalization, citizenshipclaims, extended absence benefits, the full range of family-based and employment-basedvisa petition requirements, asylum issues, national interest waivers, or the proper filing ofappeals and motions. I train folks in order to help them hone or improve their skills incase preparation and presentation according to pertinent statutes, regulations, precedents,evidence requirements, policies, and procedures. This often entails deep discussions onmatters of proper context and how to define issues in case types and under preciseconditions and circumstances.Some pupils are potential Regional Center sponsors seeking to learn their responsibilities.Some pupils are business plan writers seeking to refine knowledge, skills and abilities inorder to produce Matter of Ho compliant business plans. Some pupils are economistsseeking to produce EB-5 compliant economic analyses that clearly demonstrate"reasonable methodologies". All RC pupils seek to understand the concept of nexus. *****************I primarily offer EB-5 training and guidance. I do consult and offer opinions onRegional Center plans. I like to chat briefly first to see if a project is feasible. Dependingon the scope, I offer very competitive rates for such consultations. It really depends onwhat someone is interested in. Please feel free to call me.I make my living consulting on such matters and offering training to: governmentagencies, industrialists and developers as well as the attorneys, business plan writers,and economists they employ in EB-5 development and compliance matters.As an example: I generally charge a flat base rate of $5,000* to help applicants applyfor Regional Center designation via teleconferences and e-mail (webcasts may besuitable as well) for my highly specialized individualized training efforts (often largeapplication packages are sent to me via FedEx because scanning is usually impracticalup-front). I provide a certain amount of "hand-holding" and mentoring throughout theprocess. *Extra large and/or complex applications will cost more to review. [The basicfee covers group and/or individual consultations among the RC applicants projectparticipants, i.e., the lawyer, business plan writer, economist, and RC Principal and/or the"entrepreneur".] If there is no actual project and a small law office wants tutoring, Icharge perhaps only half ($2500 to $3000) depending on size and depth of theindividualized curriculum developed.
  2. 2. To specifically answer your likely questions: No, I do not WRITE Business Plans orEconomic Analyses, and templates do not exist (and if you find anyone trying to sell youtemplates--run away from them). I do not tell you that any particular business plan will orwill not succeed, NOBODY can do that. IF someone tells you that they can, run awayfrom them.Instead, I review Business Plans, Economic Analyses, and associated standardizeddocuments and offer my opinion of them. I am not an attorney. I am a former USCISAdjudicator who was the sole EB-5 Regional Center Adjudicator for a period of time. Iwas the one who wrote the first "unofficial" How to Apply for a Regional CenterInstructions which became the basis for the majority of the I-924 Form Instructions.During my tenure I grew the Regional Center Program to the point that USCIS had tocreate a form, charge a fee, and consolidate all EB-5 adjudications in a single location. Iam the one named as POC in the Federal Register Notice of Jan 9, 2009 for theconsolidation. I am the one named in the Policy Memo of June 17, 2009 about which jobscount for EB-5. I wrote the original EB-5 Regional Center Adjudication TrainingMaterials and trained the first batch of Regional Center adjudicators (then remainedavailable as a mentor for some months).See: http://www.justice.gov/eoir/vll/fedreg/2008_2009/fr09jan09.pdf andhttp://www.uscis.gov/USCIS/Laws/Memoranda/Static_Files_Memoranda/2009/eb5_17jun09.pdfJoseph P. Whalen, Independent EB-5 Consultant, Advocate, Trainer & Advisor 51 Ashton Place | Buffalo, NY 14220-2107 Phone: (716) 604-4233 Fax: (716)568-8208 E-mail: joseph.whalen774@gmail.com or Silver.SurferEB5@gmail.com or twitter@JoeWhalen1 Visit me on the web at: http://www.slideshare.net/BigJoe5 or http://eb5info.com/eb5-advisors/34-silver-surfer DISCLAIMER: Work is performed by a non-attorney independent business consultant. It is the clients responsibility to have any and all non-attorney workproducts checked by an attorney. I provide highly-individualized training based on consultation with my clients. I serve Regional Center Principals and their counsel. I am not an attorney myself although I have trained numerous attorneys and INS/USCIS adjudicators in complex issues within immigration and nationality law. I do not prepare forms, write business plans, or create economic analyses. I do review them for clients prior to submission and suggest corrections and/or modifications to run by your attorney and investment advisor. NAICS Code: 611430 Professional and Management Development Training