Darwin Tweets


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"OMG that tortoise is huge!" "LOL look at this beak!" What else might Darwin have tweeted on his voyage?

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Darwin Tweets

  1. 1. BIG HISTORY PROJECT / UNIT 5 DARWIN TWEETS 1 Introduction Charles Darwin traveled extensively by ship between 1831 and 1836, gathering specimens and fossils, and observing all he could about the habitats he encountered and the species that lived in them. In the years following his return home, Darwin focused on analyzing the evidence he had collected and the observations he had made, but he did not publish his ideas about what he thought they all meant until much later, in 1859. What if Darwin had had a cellphone and a Twitter account while he was collecting his evidence and making his observations abroad? (Perhaps your Darwin has done some time-traveling!) Would he have shared his ideas more quickly? Would have enabled others to build on his ideas, their responses feeding his work, and moving it along faster? What would he have said? Instructions Create a username for Charles Darwin Think of 10 tweets that you believe Charles Darwin would have written if he had had a Twitter account. Use the graphic organizer provided on the next page to record each of your Darwin tweets [lower case], its date, and from where it was sent. You choose the subject matter for each tweet. You might, for example, write about a fossil he found, a living species he observed, questions he had about what he saw, or everyday experi- ences on the Beagle or in foreign lands. Be creative! At least three tweets should come from Darwin’s time sailing on the Beagle and at least three should come from his time at home after returning from his voyage. Hashtag some of the important words or phrases that you include in the tweets you write (for example, #evolution or #natural selection). Be sure to include some abbreviations that are commonly used in Twitter. Here are a few examples: AFAIK = As far as I know B/C = Because BTW = By the way FWIW = For what it’s worth ICYMI = In case you missed it IKR = I know, right J/K = Just kidding LMK = Let me know OMG = Oh my god! RN = Right now SMH = Shaking my head TBH = To be honest TMB = Tweet me back TMI = Too much information 5 DARWIN TWEETS
  2. 2. BIG HISTORY PROJECT / UNIT 5 DARWIN TWEETS 2 DARWIN TWEETS Twitter Log Username: Date Place of origin Tweet Hashtag(s)