Periodic Table Bingo


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Everyone loves a game of Bingo! Test your knowledge of the elements playing this fun review game.

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Periodic Table Bingo

  1. 1. BIG HISTORY PROJECT / UNIT 3 PERIODIC TABLE BINGO 1 3 PERIODIC TABLE BINGO A game of elements Elements are the basic types of matter that make up everything around us. Each element of the periodic table has its own name, a one-‐ or two-‐letter symbol, an atomic number, and specific characteristics that distinguish it from other elements. Can you identify the elements in the periodic table based on clues describing them? Some clues will come from things that you’ve learned studying big history, while other clues are based on everyday facts. Before the game starts, fill in the bingo cards on the next page, putting into each square the name or symbol of one of the elements listed in the element key, below. The ele-‐ ments should appear in different places on each card to increase the chance of winning. The game starts when the teacher begins to read aloud clues about the identity of each element. As you recognize which element is being described, cross it out on your cards. The first student to mark five elements in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, yells “BINGO!” to win the game. Below are 25 elements from the periodic table, from hydrogen (atomic number 1) to curium (atomic number 96). Arrange these elements on each of your bingo cards as you like, perhaps reusing some of the elements in different places. Element key Atomic Number Element Symbol Atomic Number Element Symbol 1 hydrogen H 26 iron Fe 2 helium He 29 copper Cu 3 lithium Li 30 zinc Zn 6 carbon C 33 arsenic As 7 nitrogen N 47 silver Ag 8 oxygen O 53 iodine I 10 neon Ne 77 iridium Ir 11 sodium Na 79 gold Au 12 magnesium Mg 80 mercury Hg 13 aluminum Al 82 lead Pb 14 silicon Si 92 uranium U 16 sulfur S 96 curium Cm 19 potassium K
  2. 2. BIG HISTORY PROJECT / UNIT 3 PERIODIC TABLE BINGO 2 Periodic Table Bingo Before the game starts, fill in your bingo cards with the symbols of the 25 elements listed above. Make sure that some, most, or all elements are located differently on each card. When the game begins, your teacher will call out a clue. When you figure out which element he or she is talking about, mark the symbol on your card that matches the clue. The teacher will continue to call out clues until someone gets BINGO (five in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). B I N G O B I N G O