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[MISSION M3B: FILE #6] Common New Media Marketing Misconceptions


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Big Dog Innovations is on a mission (MISSION M3B) to get each part of the MARKETING 3.0 BLUEPRINT (the ROADMAP to the new world of marketing) into the hands of elite marketing executives - worldwide - who are highly desirous of innovating their marketing models.

FILE #6: "Common New Media Marketing Misconceptions" was designed to get you thinking about what has held some organizations back from fully engaging in and succeeding with new media marketing.

To access and/or subscribe to all past and future content files in this series, visit " delivers a detailed explanation of the "change" that exists in the marketing world today - providing the clarity needed to progress your organization through the complete "Marketing 3.0" transformation.

To access and/or subscribe to all past and future content files in this series, visit

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[MISSION M3B: FILE #6] Common New Media Marketing Misconceptions

  1. 1. MISSION M3B Big Dog Innovations’ mission to get each part of theMARKETING 3.0 BLUEPRINT (the ROADMAP to the newworld of marketing) into the hands of elite marketing executives – WORLDWIDE – who are highly desirous of INNOVATING their marketing models. FILE #6 Common New Media Marketing Misconceptions ACCESS AND/OR SUBSCRIBE TO ALL FILES IN THIS SERIES AT: HTTP://WWW.BIGDOGINNOVATIONS.COM/MISSIONM3B
  2. 2. Common MisconceptionsWe recognize this type of content maybe a little risky; however, therecertainly has been a repeating set ofcircumstances or issues that has heldother organizations back.We figured this might be of value tosome of you, as you strive toinnovate or bring new marketingpractices into the organizationalmainstream.
  3. 3. Common Misconceptions1. Senior Executive Management2. Marketing Departments3. Organizational Culture
  4. 4. Common Misconceptions Senior Executive Management“We’ve earned what we’ve accomplished;there’s no need to change”The legacy of the organization will dependon its adoption rate in a new media worldorder.
  5. 5. Common Misconceptions Senior Executive Management“For decades, the sales-driven culture ofour organization has been what has gottenus here.”As Marshall Goldsmith would say, “What gotyou here might not get you there.” New mediamarketing is increasingly having a biggerimpact on lead generation, nurturing, and salesconversions.
  6. 6. Common Misconceptions Senior Executive Management“I’m older; I’ve been in the trenches; I havemore experience.”Age and experience don’t always equateto wisdom. In a new media world,sometimes the traditional rules of wisdomare flipped upside down.
  7. 7. Common Misconceptions Senior Executive Management“Facebook is for kids. I don’t see how thesesocial media platforms apply to business.”The world constantly changes, as also doescommunications platforms.
  8. 8. Common Misconceptions Senior Executive Management“We have people to provide that expertisefor us.”Your expertise may have more value as a“marketing asset” than the play it might begetting on the worldwide stage.
  9. 9. Common Misconceptions Senior Executive Management “Our agency does that for us; we just pay them, and they take care of it… although I’m not sure how effective they are.”By now (because of the changes in marketingcommunications), your agency partner shouldhave brought to your attention a “significantmakeover plan.” If they haven’t, it might pay tolook around…
  10. 10. Common Misconceptions1. Senior Executive Management2. Marketing Departments3. Organizational Culture
  11. 11. Common Misconceptions Marketing Departments “I have a fear of change.”Always be learning; adapt to change; grow; apply newthinking. Remember, it wasn’t too long ago thatnewspapers and books were only offered in hard copy.Yet for many, there’s an entirely new “normal” thatdidn’t exist five years back.
  12. 12. Common Misconceptions Marketing Departments “I can’t take risks - even if what I’m currently doing is getting nominal results.”With today’s marketing technologies, there are easier ways tomeasure and justify the increased performance that new mediais capable of producing. Could you develop a plan that acquiresthe agreement from senior management to test and prove yournew media theories???
  13. 13. Common Misconceptions Marketing Departments “We’ll ‘fix it’ with apps. Let’s get a new customer relationship management system, etc.”Platforms and customer behaviors are opening upmany new doors of promotions opportunities. Newmedia and marketing technologies hold many keys(or answers), but the “fix” starts with new questionsand the deployment of new strategies.
  14. 14. Common Misconceptions Marketing Departments“My web master set us up with all this newstuff.”To what extent did the webmaster bring classicmarketing and new media marketing tactics tothe game prior to making adaptations?
  15. 15. Common Misconceptions Marketing Departments“I’m not sure where or how to begin.”There are many examples of new mediamarketing plans that can help get you started inthe right direction or pick up from where youalready are.
  16. 16. Common Misconceptions Marketing Departments “I saw that somewhere else – It didn’t work.”In the rush to be “first to market” (unfortunately) in 9out of 10 instances the supplier community handed out“free candy” vs. taking the time to understand theimplications and build out new strategy plans… Thisdoesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again!
  17. 17. Common Misconceptions Marketing Departments“I like, I’m confident, I’m familiar with my‘cause and effect’ marketing; why look atcross-media marketing ecosystems?”In a new media age, it’s probable for mostbusiness models that new questions beasked of the marketing plan.
  18. 18. Common Misconceptions Marketing Departments “I’m not sure I understand all of this. I might subconsciously be feeling defensive”Platforms and customer behaviors are opening upmany new doors of promotions opportunities. Whileit’s lots to track, there are ways to engineer or“create processes” to bring “marketing innovation”into your traditional media mix.
  19. 19. Common Misconceptions Marketing Departments “We already do that.”True for many organizations, HOWEVER in manycases the vendor/partner may have led with theapp. If your supplier partner invested 90% of theirenergy with you on strategy, chances are they got itright AND it’s working incredibly well…
  20. 20. Common Misconceptions Marketing Departments “We don’t have the resources to do anything new and different.”Change of this type can be preplanned androlled out in stages. Plus, it can be tested,proven, and justified.
  21. 21. Common Misconceptions1. Senior Executive Management2. Marketing Departments3. Organizational Culture
  22. 22. Common Misconceptions Organizational Culture “I need to justify this to senior management.” [or] “I need marketing management to better explain this to me, so I can understand it.”“Keyword search” some new media terms. And Add theword “success” to your search, and invariably you’ll findhundreds if not thousands of companies who havepaved the highway before you.
  23. 23. Common Misconceptions Organizational Culture “What’s all the noise about new media marketing?” “It’s really not proven” or “it applies to others; just not us.”There’s many ways you can test and prove newmedia and online marketing practices and comparethem against the status quo - testing side-by-sidewith traditional media practices.
  24. 24. Common Misconceptions Organizational Culture“Diminished marketing returns issomething we’ve come to accept.”If your supplier partner has brought newthinking to the table, chances are you havenoticed increased performance.
  25. 25. Common Misconceptions Organizational Culture “’Habitual marketing’ – it’s that time of year again; time to do the “annual catalogue.”Company cultures and habits can shift when the powerof new media marketing is understood. New “types ofresources” can be applied when the proper plan andsequencing takes place.
  26. 26. Over the last 15 years, we’ve traveled thecountry and have been broadcasted around theglobe. Now it’s time to point a finger atus, the supplier partner community, as well.Without a doubt, the single biggestshortcoming from the marketing servicescommunity has been the lack of adoption of anew marketing strategy plan as the keyelement in the deliverables our communityshould have been bringing to the game.The good news is that an increasingpercentage of the supplier partner communityhas adopted the new philosophies, and it isgaining acceptance in the marketplace.
  27. 27. At the risk of repetition, we recognize thiscontent is susceptible to beingmisconstrued.And, apologies all around if this is thecase.After serious consideration, we thought manyof these common inhibitors would shed lighton organizations that are seeking toinnovate their “go to market” strategies.We hope in some way, elements of thiscontent were beneficial to you.
  28. 28. To follow the Marketing 3.0 Blueprint, where you can access and/orsubscribe to all of the past and future content files in the MISSION M3B series, published within the ongoing Marketing 3.0 Weekly blog.
  29. 29. The Big Dog Innovations Approach to the New World of Marketing – Marketing 3.0 Marketing Marketing Strategy Infrastructure Marketing Implementation Marketing Marketing Communications Measurement Logistics & Refinement Achievements: Increased Conversion Rates. Lowered Costs of Acquisition.Higher Levels of Customer Intimacy. Better Overall Insight Into Marketing Performance.
  30. 30. Contact us today for a discussion on what anupdated marketing plan – optimized for thenew world of “Marketing 3.0” – might look likefor your organization specifically. Peter Winters President Jackie Crino Chief Marketing 3.0 Officer