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SC7 Workshop 2: Demo of the BigDataEurope pilot for Secure Societies


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Manolis Koubarakis (University of Athens) presentation for Big Data in Secure Societies Workshop - Brussels, 18th October 2016 -

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SC7 Workshop 2: Demo of the BigDataEurope pilot for Secure Societies

  1. 1. DEMO OF THE BDE PILOT FOR SECURE SOCIETIES 2nd Workshop on “Big Data in Secure Societies”18/10/2016 Manolis Koubarakis, University of Athens Michele Lazzarini, EU Satellite Center George Papadakis, University of Athens Emanouil Thanos, University of Athens
  2. 2. SC7 – Secure Societies SC7 societal challenge is about protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens. In other words:  enhance resilience against natural and man-made disasters  develop novel solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure  fight crime and terrorism  improve border security  provide enhanced cyber-security
  3. 3. Main Objective of the SC7 Pilot Automatically detect land cover evolution, caused by physical or human activities, and alert users accordingly. Amatrice Earthquake August 24, 2016
  4. 4. Technical Objectives Track changes in land cover/land use by integrating heterogeneous information sources:  Detect changes using satellite images  Monitor related information in social media
  5. 5. High-Level Architecture Remote Sensing Big Data Platform Social Sensing Change Detection Workflow Event Detection Workflow
  6. 6. Pilot Data Sources ◎ Sentinel-1 o Free and open data (radar images) o Satellites operated by ESA in the framework of the Copernicus programme funded and managed by EC o Same area acquired every 6 days with 2 satellites ◎ Twitter o Free Twitter Public Streams API and specific user accounts o Plain text along with metadata in JSON format ◎ Reuters o News articles through RSS feeds in XML format
  7. 7. Pilot Architecture Event Detection Change Detection
  8. 8. Pilot Status ◎ Change Detection Workflow o System able to search, download and (pre-)process images in parallel (Spark) ◎ Event Detection Workflow o System able to continuously monitor social media and news agencies o Events clustered and mapped to geolocations ◎ Activation Workflow o GIS interface (Sextant) allows users to activate the two workflows o Geographic information stored in Strabon and queried through SPARQL ◎ All components and workflows setup on BDE infrastructure
  9. 9. Future Developments ◎ Overall SC7 Pilot o Add cybersecurity mechanisms (e.g. authentication / authorization) o Add more data sources for both workflows (e.g., HR satellite images) ◎ Change Detection Workflow o Improve classification accuracy ◎ Event Detection Workflow o Dockerize Spark version ◎ Activation Workflow o New GUI functionalities according to user feedback
  10. 10. Demo ◎ GUI / Sextant functionalities for BigDataEurope (Real Time) ◎ Change Detection activation (Real Time) ◎ Event Detection activation (Real Time) ◎ Results Visualization (Not Real Time) 1. Pilot on UoA server 2. BackUp Video
  11. 11.  Thank You!  Questions?