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SC7 Hangout 2: Community Building activities for Big Data in Secure Societies


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21/04/2016 Sergio Albani Presentation "Community Building activities for Big Data in Secure Societies"

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SC7 Hangout 2: Community Building activities for Big Data in Secure Societies

  1. 1. COMMUNITY BUILDING ACTIVITIES FOR BIG DATA IN SECURE SOCIETIES 2nd BDE Hangout “Big Data in Secure Societies”21 April 2016 Sergio Albani, EU SatCen RTDI Coordinator
  2. 2. The BigDataEurope Project  Integrating Big Data, software & communities for addressing Europe’s Societal Challenges  BigDataEurope main activities o Gathering user requirements o Developing a Big Data platform o Implementing relevant pilots  SatCen is o Building a Secure Societies community to elicit Big Data user requirements o Implementing a Space and Security pilot
  3. 3. Main Community Building activities  Stakeholders interviews  Big Data in Secure Societies Workshops  BigDataEurope Webinars and Hangouts  Presentations at Events
  4. 4. Stakeholders interviews  Liaison with key Stakeholders in the Security domain  Four type of customized questionnaires submitted  Real use cases, data stories and user needs collected  Inputs analysed looking for commonalities amongst users  Formalized set of user requirements for the design of the system and the pilot deployment defined  Building of a Secure Societies Community with an interest in the Big Data issue
  5. 5. Big Data in Secure Societies Workshops  1st held in Brussels on September 2015 at SOST with participants from key entities  2nd to be held in Brussels on October 2016
  6. 6. BigDataEurope Webinars and Hangouts  Technical Webinars  One hour webinars to present inputs from experts responsible for the architecture, the implementation and the upcoming pilots roll-out  Secure Societies Hangouts  Hangout sessions on “Big Data in Secure Societies” to give details on the use of Big Data in the Security domain
  7. 7. Presentations at Conferences  2nd edition of the Big Data from Space Conference held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on 15-17th of March 2016  BigDataEurope represented with the presentation “A pilot for Big Data exploitation in the Space and Security domain” focusing on the Secure Societies pilot  Next: LPS16 BiDS’16 proceedings available here:
  8. 8. UNCLASSIFIED / FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY European Union Satellite Centre © 2016 Sergio Albani RTDI Coordinator