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BigDataEurope - Big Data & Transport


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Big Data and the Transport domain (vis-a-vis the respective H2020 Societal Challenge) - Opportunities, Challenges and Requirements. As presented and discussed in the public launch of the BigDataEurope project.

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BigDataEurope - Big Data & Transport

  1. 1. Intelligent transport Yvonne Barnard ERTICO – ITS Europe
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Intelligent transport systems • Data in transport • ERTICO – ITS Europe • FOT-Net Data support action • Data sharing 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard2
  3. 3. SOCIETAL CHALLENGES IN TRANSPORT 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard3 • resource efficient transport that respects the environment • a better mobility, less congestion, more safety and security • global leadership for the European transport industry
  4. 4. ITS: INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS • In-vehicle driver assistance systems, e.g. advanced cruise control • Nomadic devices, e.g. navigation systems • Cooperative systems: V2V (vehicle to vehicle) or I2V or V2I (vehicle to infrastructure), e.g. accident warning • Automated transport systems • Traffic management systems 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard4
  5. 5. PROBE DATA • Probe data (or floating car data): data generated by vehicles about their current position, motion, and time stamp • Also probe data from other systems, such as smart phones International collaboration between US, Japan and EU: – jointly develop high-level definition of probe data and identify technologies and systems – share data and research findings, experiences, and lessons learned – jointly identify applications that may be developed using probe data 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard5
  6. 6. NEED FOR DATA • Intelligent transport needs data on: – Where the traffic streams go – Where the danger is – How users behave – The use of resources – Where the transported goods are – ………….. • Data are used for: – Traffic management – Informing travellers, public authorities and transport industry – Prediction – Developing automated vehicles – …………... 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard7
  7. 7. CHALLENGES FOR TRANSPORT DATA • Privacy • Data protection • Access rights • Interoperability • Standardisation 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard8 Testing Compliancy Assessment Standards
  8. 8. STAKEHOLDERS 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard9 Mobile Network Operators Public Authorities Research Service Providers Suppliers Traffic and Transport Industry Users Vehicle Manufacturers
  9. 9. ERTICO – ITS Europe
  10. 10. 112 Partners from 8 Sectors working together to develop and deploy ITS 11 Mobile Network Operators Public Authorities Research Service Providers Suppliers Traffic and Transport Industry Users Vehicle Manufacturers 5 Platforms More than 25 projects World / European Congresses 1 Interest Group 2 Task Forces Created in 1991 Partnership
  11. 11. Vision Bringing intelligence into mobility zero accidents zero delays and fully informed people reduced impact on the environment Mission Develop, promote and deploy ITS Implementing necessary deployment enablers Evaluating, adapting and using most advanced related technologies 12 Vision - Mission
  12. 12. FOT-Net Data European support action
  13. 13. DATAFROM STUDIES ON THE ROAD • Field Operational Tests (FOT) • Naturalistic Driving Studies • Pilot projects • Since 2008, the EU has supported large-scale FOTS of vehicle information technology. Thousands of drivers tested prototypes and products just entering the markets • Data has already been analysed in the projects that collected it, but there is much potential for reusing it in new studies • Sharing and re-using collected datasets will yield further research results, enhance cooperation between organisations and generally lead to more efficient use of resources 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard14
  14. 14. FOT-NET DATA • FOT-Net Data is a 3-year support action project with main objectives to: 15 January 2014 – December 2016 Budget €1.8m, EU funding €1.4m Consortium: VTT, ERTICO, SAFER, IKA, CTAG, UNIVLEEDS, CEESAR, DAIMLER and 21 associated partners – Support efficient sharing and re- use of FOT datasets – Develop and promote a framework for sharing data – Build a detailed catalogue of available data and tools – Operate an international networking platform for FOT activities 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard
  15. 15. PROJECTACTIVITIES 17 • Develop a data sharing framework and guidelines • Currently under consultation: – Data protection recommendations ( • Coming up: Data and metadata descriptions • FOT-Net wiki ( – FOT and tool catalogue (150 FOTs, national, European and international) – Coming soon: Data catalogue • International collaboration, specifically with US Dept. of Transport, on the Research Data Exchange programme ( 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard
  16. 16. JOIN US 18 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard
  17. 17. 19 Thank you for your attention 27/02/2015 Yvonne Barnard