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BigDataEurope Overview - Communities, Requirements & Pilots


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Introduction to the BigDataEurope Networking partners and the 7 societal challenges targeted, and plans to establish liasons with these communities, collect requirements for engineering big data architectures, infrastructures and components. As presented in the public launch event of the project.

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BigDataEurope Overview - Communities, Requirements & Pilots

  1. 1. BDE Networking partners Health, demographic change and wellbeing Food, Agriculture, Forestry, Water and Bioeconomy Inclusive, innovative and Reflective Societies Secure, clean and efficient energy Climate, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials Smart, green and integrated transport Secure Societies
  2. 2. Community building and supporting ◎ Establish 7 Societal Big Data Interest Groups o modelled after the W3C interest groups o involving a large number of stakeholders from the H2020 societal challenges as well as technical Big Data experts o each group has a domain and a technical chair ◎ Building a European network and multiplier organisation per societal challenge to o engage with stakeholders in the particular societal challenge area and raise awareness o support the requirements elicitation, definition and prioritization o assemble a library of data sources and datasets o provide a comprehensive test bed for the evaluation of the BDE Aggregator Platform o select pilot use cases, across different domains o promote the showcase developed for the societal domain and support the dissemination of the BDE results o provide appropriate academic and training curricula for training future researchers and practitioners. 27-févr.-15
  3. 3. Workshops ◎ 7 X 3 Workshops (at least 3 per Societal Challenge) ◎ First series of workshops in the next months will focus on requirements definition o analyse workshops results and create 1st draft per societal challenge, o examine also the use of other tools such as ❖ surveys (broad audience to ask for (big) data management needs) ❖ manage experts interviews with Big Data experts ❖ interviews with EC representative per societal challenge ◎ Second series of workshops in the 2nd year will focus on a review of the architecture and first prototype implementation ◎ Third series of workshops in the 3rd year will focus on the platform evaluation and showcases for the societal domains27-févr.-15
  4. 4. Requirements Specification and Pilot Planning ◎ Requirements Elicitation (WP2) Workshops, Desktop Research, Interviews, Survey ◎ Alignment of Requirements (WP2/WP3) Identify core requirements and instance requirements ◎ Technical Specification (WP3) Functional & non-functional requirements to hand over to architecture team and then to the BDE platform development team (WP4) ◎ Pilot Planning and Deployment (WP6) Planning for three piloting cycles using the BDE platform instances (WP5) 27-févr.-15
  5. 5. Requirements Alignment Alignment of all collected requirements as follows ◎ Evaluate common requirements for (all) societal challenges = core requirements ◎ Evaluate & summarise requirements per societal challenge = (additional) instance requirements ◎ Prioritisation of requirements Add. information to take into account (desk research etc.) ◎ Relevant studies, reports e.g: BIG, Big Data AT, H2020 Data Mgnt. Plans ◎ PLUS: ask additional questions (internally) for this activity o What technologies are already available in organisations o What technology is easy-to-use by end users o Which skills are available, etc… 27-févr.-15
  6. 6. Requirements Specification Technical Requirements Specification of all functional & non-functional Requirements ◎ Final list of Use Cases & user interaction ◎ Tech Specs for core BDE Platform ◎ Tech Specs for all 7 instances ◎ Hand over to create final architecture 27-févr.-15
  7. 7. Pilot Planning and Deployment ◎ Implementation of three cycles of piloting sessions using BDE stack ◎ Each piloting plan will involve the following steps: o Data assets acquisition, mapping/transformation, linking and integration o Generic enabling components configuration o Integration of domain-specific technology o Establishing of domain-specific workflow support o Qualitative and quantitative evaluation ◎ Pilot Deployment o Identifying promising show cases involving key large-scale datasets relevant for the specific communities 27-févr.-15
  8. 8. Big Data and Societal Challenges 27-fé ◎ Presentation to follow in each domain by BDE representative ◎ Presentations by EC domain representatives (where applicable) ◎ Discussion with stakeholders