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Converging Big Data and Application Infrastructure by Steven Poutsy


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Published in: Technology
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Converging Big Data and Application Infrastructure by Steven Poutsy

  1. 1. Converging Big Data and Application Infrastructure Steven Pousty OpenShift/Red Hat @TheSteve0 on Twitter, IRC,SmugMug,Github, Ingress, Instagram, Skype,and
  2. 2. Goals 1. Brief introduction to how things have evolved 2. Talk about what we have now 3. Demo of this in practice 4. Have fun!
  3. 3. Assumptions 1. You have written a web app at some point in your life 2. You know some basics of Spark and such
  4. 4. Where are we coming from
  5. 5. What about Apps?
  6. 6. This page intentionally left blank
  7. 7. Next Era
  8. 8. Welcome to Paradise
  9. 9. We have had some great developments 1. People figured out how to make commodity hardware do great things 2. Distributed software has gotten better 3. Programming languages have gotten easier 4. CS has put effort into statistical libraries 5. The browser has grown up
  10. 10. Example framework Docker Containers Kubernetes (via OpenShift) Node.JS and Python Spark (via Oshinko)
  11. 11. WINNING!
  12. 12. See it in Action
  13. 13. Wrap up
  14. 14. We are lucky We can still do analysis on our desktop if we want But now we can easily integrate 1. Data or APIs 2. Statistics and Machine Learning 3. Interactive Web Applications
  15. 15. To Do this on your own: 1. To run your own OpenShift either: Or oc cluster up (get oc here - ) 2. To get Oshinko: then you need oshinko-rest and oshinko- console 3. For the word analysis app get it here: We LOVE pull requests
  16. 16. Fin!