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Big Data Expo 2015 - Every Angle Smart information from SAP systems

Het verzamelen van data is (vrijwel) geen issue, meer; data is in overvloed beschikbaar. Het maken van zinvolle analyses is een stuk lastiger. Deze presentatie gaat over hoe big data waarde toevoegt aan operationele processen van Maxeda en welke oplossingen de beste ondersteuning bieden.

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Big Data Expo 2015 - Every Angle Smart information from SAP systems

  1. 1. Smart information from SAP systems Martin van Dijk, IT Manager Service Delivery at Maxeda DIY 1 October 2015
  2. 2. Big Data Expo – Maxeda DIY ■ DIY retailer in Netherlands and Belgium with several formats ■ Operating over 400 stores in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg ■ Assortment of 80.000 SKU’s
  3. 3. Big Data Expo – ■ There is more than enough data available: ■ From on-line and off-line ■ How do we process that data? ■ How can we make it accessible for ‘the business’ One of our challenges
  4. 4. Big Data Expo – Volume Variance Velocity Definition
  5. 5. Big Data Expo –  Is a database with all (online) purchases, big data?  Is that same database big data, when it is combined with click behaviour or store traffice to make recommendations for purchases?  Is this what we do at Maxeda DIY?  Why? Big Data in Maxeda
  6. 6. Big Data Expo –  We hired a data scientist  25 potential questions were rated on: – Availability of data; – Availability of tooling; – Availability of analytical models.  First query implemented, highly appreciated by (pilot) stores Our journey…
  7. 7. Big Data Expo – From data to information: transformation
  8. 8. Big Data Expo – 1. Commercial Monitoring 3. SCM Monitoring 6.(3) Analytics and Performance Management 5. Store Monitoring 2.1. Vendor Relation Management 3.2. Supply Chain Planning 6.1. Development of Business Strategy 1.4. Retail Price & Revenue Management 1.2. Demand Managing & Forecasting 1.3. Assortment Management & Space Planning & Optimization 1.5. Promotion Planning and Management 2.3. Purchase Order Management 2.4. Private Label Management & Own Production 2.2. Foreign Trade 5. Supply Chain Visibility and Tracking 3.4. Inventory Management 3.1. Define and Arrange Supply Chain 6.5. HRM6.4. Corporate Services & Operational Support 6.2. Finance & Controlling 1.1. Marketing Research 3.3. Replenishment and Inventory Optimization 1.Demand Management 2.Sourcing andBuying 3.SCM5.Store,Customer SalesandServices 6.Enterpise Management &Support MONITORING 4. Logistic Monitoring 4.Logistic execution 4.2. Transport Management 4.1. Warehouse Management 5.1. Point-of-Sales 5.2. In-Store Cash Management 5.3. Store Operations 5.4. Store Staff Planning 5.5. Catalog Management 5.7. Call Center 5.8. Customer Service 5.6. e-Commerce 5.9. Customer Data Management & Profiling 5.10. Customer Loyalty 6.6. Master Data Management 6.7. Information Technology Services AS@R Application process mapping = SAP module= Application coverage (Wanabe) Hyperion CoKoPas LMN EX Trim (DC) IKB Fiche Fournisseur (Br.) EYR (Sunrise) (BR) BI BI BI BI BIHR (incl. Time) Store (& Portal) Retail Retail Retail Retail Retail Retail Retail Retail Retail/FiCo Retail/FiCo + SIM Retail/FiCo (Wondercom) Portal PRXnet LMN = Unknown / To be validated BAS BAS Pin applic. AS@R for PDA Virus Scanner Prisma Business Objects Retail E-learning + Informatie zuilen AdresXpress E-gift card E-gift card Pocket browser 2007 Datax Dupfact Corona(PI) CAPP/BDA CAPP/BDA Arcview Retail (for flowers) PIM SAP SIM
  9. 9. Big Data Expo – IT system landscape
  10. 10. Big Data Expo – Simplified architecture SAP BW/HANA Every Angle POS WMS Business Objects
  11. 11. Big Data Expo – ■ It’s quite simple to put data into SAP… ■ It can be difficult to get information out of SAP ■ Huge volumes => Slow queries; ■ Difficult to find right tables; ■ Difficult to combine tables in queries; ■ Either you have reports programmed in R/3 ■ Or you define reports in BW (and optimize them for frequent and convenient use) What’s the role of Every Angle?
  12. 12. Big Data Expo – ■ Used by IT ■ Master data checks ■ Used by the business ■ analysis for Supply chain ■ analysis for Master data ■ analysis for Buying => Operational Business Analytics Every Angle usage
  13. 13. Big Data Expo – What makes Every Angle different?
  14. 14. Big Data Expo – ■ Very simple to use for almost all users that are a bit familiar with Excel. ■ Very, very fast! ■ Friendly priced Advantages of Every Angle
  15. 15. Big Data Expo –  You run all queries on a snapshot of your SAP-data;  You can’t modify/upload data into SAP  It’s very easy to get data from SAP into Excel. What happens then… Drawbacks of Every Angle
  16. 16. Big Data Expo – Every Angle organization  Open and pragmatic approach  Highly experienced consultants with business understanding  Active (pro-active) system monitoring/management
  17. 17. Big Data Expo – Lessons learned  Start with a live demo on your Q system  Involve business users early in the process (so from the beginning)  Aim for improvements, not only in reporting but also in:  Organization,  Procedures,  Processes,  SAP.
  18. 18. Big Data Expo – Martin van Dijk IT manager Service Delivery Maxeda DIY E-mail: Mobile: +31 (0)6 20 200 316 Questions?