Why Hadoop is the New Infrastructure for the CMO?


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As the big data market matures, discussions about Hadoop are expanding from pure technology to how businesses can use it to innovate and leap frog competitors. In this session, Karmasphere will outline how technologists can effectively work with their CMOs - the likely drivers of widespread Hadoop adoption, to unlock its business value. The discussion will include: how changes in marketing are driving the adoption of Hadoop big data analytics, the evolving role of the data and business analysts and a review of real-world big data analytics use cases.

Karmasphere will demonstrate how the Full Fidelity Analytics of Hadoop can empower high-tech, e-commerce, etail and reatil banking to quickly and easily analyze complex data types across silos and apply sophisticated analytics to personalize customer engagement and optimize revenue.

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Why Hadoop is the New Infrastructure for the CMO?

  1. 1.  Business Value of Hadoop Adoption Success Criteria “Jumpstarting” Your HadoopBig Data on Hadoop
  2. 2. > OMG! – The Opportunity - What Do We Do With All This Data?Volume, Variety and Velocity all increasing rapidlySource: IBM, Oct 2012
  3. 3. Big Data on HadoopA Needed Technology DisruptionTold Us What Happened & Made Us More EfficientBI UsingData CubeAnalysisStructured, SampledTransitional, Closed,ExpensiveRDBS & EDWSQLDriven by VendorsInfrastructure for Sales,Finance & OperationsCFOCOOCROSupply ChainERPSales Ops
  4. 4. Big Data on HadoopTechnology DisruptionWhat Can We Make Happen?“Database of Intent”Analytics UsingTotal FidelityAnalysisUnstructuredBehavioral,Open, AffordableHADOOPHQLBI UsingData CubeAnalysisStructured, SampledTransitional,Closed, ExpensiveRDBS & EDWSQLDriven by Open SourceDriven by Vendors
  5. 5. Big Data on Hadoop…What is it Good For?Customer Innovation – Optimize the Customer Engagement CycleBUY USESUPPORTCustomerInnovationPersonalizedCross&UpsellChannelAnalyticsSuperiorProductsTelemetryAnalyticsProactiveSupportResponseAnalytics
  6. 6. MonitoringUsageQualityChurnTicketResolution SLAMicroSegmentationProductCategorizationRecommendationsBUY USESUPPORTCustomerInnovationPersonalizedCross&UpsellChannelAnalyticsSuperiorProductsTelemetryAnalyticsProactiveSupportResponseAnalyticsBig Data on HadoopJumpstart Use Cases For Hadoop
  7. 7. Big Data on HadoopNot Really About More BIMORE BI?
  8. 8. Big Data on HadoopSo, We’re On a Journey to Big Data AnalyticsYou Are Here….Let’s get going!
  9. 9. Early Adopter Success Drivers
  10. 10. But First! Education Training Certifications
  11. 11. #1. IT Partnership With LOB (Marketing) Find Use Case Identify Budget Form project teams Partner on a small POC EducateBig Data on HadoopSuccess Driver #1
  12. 12. “By 2016 the CMO will havemore budget than the CIO”- Gartner GroupBig Data on Hadoop
  13. 13. #2. Use Second-Generation Big Data Analytics Support both power analysts & business users Work collaboratively on projects Empower Interactive Visualizations Facilitate the new “Big Data” workflow GamifyBig Data on HadoopSuccess Driver #2
  14. 14. #3. Embrace Analytics Hubs…They’re Coming! Sharing Re-Use Enforce Standards Analytics “Assembly”Big Data on HadoopAdoption Driver #3
  15. 15. Go Native & Get Total Fidelity forAnalytics on Hadoop Very rich Not sampled No data replication or movement Low complexity and TCOBig Data on Hadoop
  16. 16. Jumpstarting Your HadoopA Use Case Demo
  17. 17. DataWarehouseOLTP to OLAPMappingAnalystBI Using Data Cube AnalysisAnalysts Worked with Transformed, Aggregated, Sampled DataOrdering AppFinancial AppMaster DataStagingOLAPReportsBI UsingData CubeAnalysisStructured, SampledTransitional,Closed, ExpensiveRDBS & EDWSQLDriven by Vendors
  18. 18. Analysts Access All the Data With a New Data WorkFlowIterative & AdaptiveBig Data Analytics on Hadoop Using Total Fidelity AnalyticsApplicationAnalyticsDataUnstructuredBehavioral,Open, AffordableHADOOPHQLDriven by Open SourceAnalystAnalytics UsingTotal FidelityAnalysis
  19. 19. 1. How do we increase traffic to our site?2. How do we make customers stay on the site, comeinto the store and engage with our offerings?3. How do we convert browsers to buyers?4. What else can promote knowing their profile?5. How can make them come back and shop for more?What kind of customer innovation can we drive?
  20. 20. 1. How often do they visit, what did they buy, howmuch did they spend?2. What did they view, how long did they stay on thesite? What did they click on? What did they rate?What did their friends buy?3. How do we offer the most relevant product forservice and invite them for the right campaign.What insights do we need?To better understand my customer we need a moregranular segmentation (micro-segmentation)
  21. 21. The Signals of Big Data on HadoopLogs - Search terms, page views,useragent , Geo, IP, duration, size...Campaigns, keywords,channels, SEO, Display, AffiliatesReviews - SKU, date, who,comment, rating, locationProducts-SKU, categories, bundles, description, prizeOrders – SKU, prize, purchasedwith, Shipping date, statusProfiles – Names, location, gender,demographics, reach, interests, influence
  22. 22. 1. Describe and prepare the data2. Perform initial analysis on raw data3. A number of insights can be derived without furtheranalysis (RFM)4. Identify feature set and extract training data formodeling5. Create the model in any model authoring tool6. Score the model in Hadoop7. Use the insight to improve business valueSteps in a typical analysis
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  24. 24. How big your data can grow? Number of unique visitors per day
  25. 25. Why does it matter to track user activity
  26. 26. Significant amount of time is spent on understanding the data and preparing itfor further analysis.Describe, transform and prepare the data
  27. 27. Derive insights using Hadoop and Hive User Defined Functions
  28. 28. KNIME - Open-source modeling tool that can build and exportmodel as PMML
  29. 29. Bring Them Into Karmasphere for Scoring on Hadoop
  30. 30. Thank YouQuestions?