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Fiesta de san fermin


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Fiesta de san fermin

  1. 1. By: Daniel Vidaurri Jr.
  2. 2. Los Eventos• El Txupinazo-This is a rocket that is set off midday on July 6th. It signals the start of the celebration.
  3. 3. Los Eventos• El Encierro- This is the bull run which is the best part of the celebration that occurs every morning from the 7th to the 14th at 8am. People do not race the bulls but they just run and try to keep pace.
  4. 4. Los Eventos• La Corrida-This bullfight is held everyday from the 7th to the 14th at 6:30pm. This Is an event that you cannot participate in however.
  5. 5. Los Eventos• The Procession- This is a religious affair on the 7th at 10am. It is very lively and photogenic , tambien.
  6. 6. Los Eventos• Los Cabezudos- These “bigheads” are the most important figures. They are in the comparsa, or parade, which entertains peole in the mornings.
  7. 7. Los Eventos• Pobre de mi- This is the last event that occurs on July 14th at midnight. It is a grieving for the end of the fiesta and also a sad state that the singer is in after eight days of non-stop partying.
  8. 8. How Many People??• In 2011 there were 20,500 people that took part in the fiesta. If you go then this year there should be 20,501.
  9. 9. Historia• Since 1931, the rocket (Txuinazo) has been set off to sign the start of a fiesta.• San Fermin was the son of a head man in pomplona. He became a bishop after a French bishop named San Saturnino came to his town and spread good news.
  10. 10. Fun Facts• Started in the 12th century but was originally only religious.• IT was originally on October 10th, but in 1951, people got angry that the weather was bad so they moved it to where it is today.• In 1926, an author named Ernest Hemingway wrote “The Sun Also Rises” and that book made the fiesta even more popular.
  11. 11. Conclusion• All in all this fiesta sounds pretty fun. We should go but I’m not going to run with the bulls. You can do that and I will be there to support you. Good luck.
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