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Gept elementary speaking 1


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Gept elementary speaking 1

  1. 1. GEPT Elementary Speaking Test 1
  2. 2. Part One You will hear 5 sentences. You must listen to the sentence and then repeat what they hear.1. What a surprise!2. Aren’t you a college student?3. My brother changes jobs all the time.4. There are some kites flying high in the sky.5. Follow this road and you will see themuseum.
  3. 3. Part Two• Students must read these six sentences.• Students have one minute to prepare, then one minute to read.• All six must be read within one minute.
  4. 4. Part ThreeStudents will now hear 7 questions.They have 15 seconds to answer eachquestion.
  5. 5. Q #1 - How do you feel on rainy days?
  6. 6. Q #2 – Are you good at sports?Tell me about it.
  7. 7. Q #3 – What do you usually do onthe weekend?
  8. 8. Q #4 – Which movie do you likethe best? Why?
  9. 9. Q #5 – Do you like to go to school?Why or why not?
  10. 10. Q #6 – Have you ever taken a tripwith your family? Why or whynot?