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Web banner

  1. 1. Salford City CollegeEccles CentreCreative Media ProductionUse of text: Web banner , MSN.co.uk – Samsung Olympics advertising(Title, Credits, animated captions, stings,indents, interactive menus, web banner)Brief description:What do you see?  Something in somewhat which is like a slide show showing different images and different pieces of text, asking rhetorical questions which can draw the viewer in and make them want to click on the advert.  Different information within each image on the screen,  Stopping at the last slide which gives a link in how to take part  Selected sports on what people can do which seem to be most popular like football and swimming but also have javelin in there showing different aspects of sport.  Link under the slideshow like images and information to another website. Samsung logo and Olympics Techniques used: Visual Effects – Looks up to date with the time present, not old, showing a dream like effectAnimation, Visual Effects, Colour Rendering, which can be used on Adobe After Effects as each image of piece of texts fades into anotherGraphics, Movement slide. Movement – effects moving, fading from one image to text and so on, showing people moving when doing the sport. Slow Motion – Used throughout the short advertisementAdvanced techniques: Blue – its slightly used as it moves from image to text,Blur, Sharpen, Distortion, Rotation, Opacity Sharpen – as images or small videos are focused on Opacity – used as the images fade into another image or text 1
  2. 2. Salford City CollegeEccles CentreCreative Media ProductionTechnical comments:Video Format, Screen Ratio, Resolution, MPEG-4Frame rate, Compression Overview MPEG-4 is a standard currently under development for the delivery of interactive multimedia across networks. As such, it is more than a single codec, and will include specifications for audio, video, and interactivity. The video component of MPEG-4 is very similar to H.263. It is optimized for delivery of video at Internet data rates. One implementation of MPEG-4 video is included in Microsoft’s NetShow. Pros Good image quality at low data rates Cons Standard is still being designed I initially thought that MPEG-4 fit the best out of all the codec’s as It is optimized for delivery of video at Internet data rates and Good image quality at low data rates. However, discovering that the video format is FLV, I have found out on my research that the codec used is : 2
  3. 3. Salford City CollegeEccles CentreCreative Media Production Sorenson Overview The Sorenson Video Codec produces excellent Web video suitable for playback on any Pentium or PowerMac. It also delivers outstanding quality CD-ROM video at a fraction of traditional data rates. Pros Provides much higher image quality than Cinepak, with smaller files. It is often possible to get twice the image quality at less than half the data rate. Tuned to work well from 2 - 100 KBps. Supports Media Cleaner Pro’s variable bitrate encoding, which provides the best possible results at any data rate. Cons Playback of CD-ROM video requires faster computers than Cinepak Movies larger than 320×240, or at data rates above 100 KBps, do not play smoothly except on high-end machines (such as a Macintosh G3). While picture quality is usually outstanding at higher rates, you should test these movies on your target machines to determine if playback performance is acceptable. Screen ratio 4:3 – This has been used because of the structure of the website, its small and fits in a small area where people can still see it. Frame Rate – From the research, I cannot find the exact frame rate, however as Modern LCD monitors can operate up to 120 FPS. I would estimate that an advertiser would want the best frame rate possible so there is less strobing and their advertisement is seen in its best quality. 3
  4. 4. Salford City CollegeEccles CentreCreative Media Production Resolution – Again from the research, I cannot be exactly certain, but taking the screen ratio 4:3 into account and looking at the image it is certainly not in HD, therefore being a standard definition UK image, I would say that the resolution is 720 x 576. Video Format – The web banner is presented using Adobe Flash and therefore I would hazard a guess that the video format is FLV. 4