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Risk assessment


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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Final Major Risk AssessmentLOCATION: Buile Hill ParkHAZARD: Tripping Over Twigs Slipping on Wet Grass Dogs Running AroundRISK RATING (1 = LowRisk, 5 = Mass Effect):2 1 2Action to avoid: Watch where youwalking.Wear correct sturdyfootwearKeep clear of dogs andif one comes towardsyou put the cameraaway and walk awayLOCATION: Three SistersHAZARD: Stepping in a Ditch Getting caught inbushesRISK RATING (1 = LowRisk, 5 = Mass Effect):3 2Action to avoid: Making sure you walkon secure groundWear clothes whichdon’t dangle and areable to get caughtLOCATION: My Back GardenHAZARD: Gardening Tools Garden Décor Slipping on Wet GrassRISK RATING (1 = LowRisk, 5 = Mass Effect):2 1 3Action to avoid: Put them in the toolshedPut them out of thewayDon’t walk on thegrass