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  1. 1.  Charlotte Bracken
  2. 2. The two contents pages are similar in many ways. Each of themagazines which I have chosen, even though they differ in variousways. To begin with each of the magazines have artists which areknown to people of all ages which in ways is a good thing as itreaches a wide variety of target audience. Using clear readabletext, they both allow you to know what is the highlights of themagazine and what they think their target audience would want toread most and are going to look at most. They both are verydifferent at the same time that they are the same for the fact theRolling Stone is for the older generation allowing old black andwhite pictures take up the majority of the page showing that theymay know who the people are. Where as NME seem to base theircontents page mainly on one band OASIS.