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  1. 1.  Charlotte Bracken
  2. 2. MastheadMain Cover LineCover LineCover LineLeft ThirdSelling LineDatelineMain ImageBarcode
  3. 3. This magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ istargeted at more of theIndie/Rock audience this can bebacked up by the artist featuredwithin the front cover of themagazine. The target audienceseems to be aimed at peopleaged 16+ as the style of thefront cover is neat, dark and thehouse style has been thoughtabout in a way which wouldappeal to the target audience.
  4. 4. The majority of the time, the logo forthis magazine is never fully seen.There is always the main imagecovering the middle of themasthead yet people will still knowexactly what magazine it is all by thestyle of the front cover and thespecific font used as well as thebold red colour which helps it standout on the black background. Theselling line is at the top of the pageand this tells people who else willfeature in the magazine. This is agood selling point as the peoplewho like the kind of artists wrotealong the top, are more likely to pickup this specific magazine.
  5. 5. The image of the front cover‘main image’ is someone whomajority of girls can be seen asa role model. She’s a youngsexy woman who appeals tomen as well meaning this themagazine is aimed at bothmales and females. Openingher jacket a little to show fleshis something which men mightappeal to so seeing this imagemeans they might buy themagazine.
  6. 6. The cover lines which are used within thisfront cover is to make people buy theactual magazine. Focusing on the femaleartist Pink, helps the magazine a lot as sheis a sexy woman which some males enjoylooking at and she is a role model to manyfemales in the world. Making her the mainobject of the whole cover on ‘the Dark Sideof Pink’ will intrigue people to pick up themagazine as it maybe something theyreally want to know about her. Also havingmany different types of comediansunderneath this cover line will help sell themagazine as the comedians seem moretargeted for the males as more malesgenuinely tend to go and read aboutcomedians.
  7. 7. MastheadMain Cover LineLeft ThirdDatelineMain ImageBarcodeCover LineSelling Line
  8. 8. This style of the magazine is mainlyaimed at females as pink seems tobe the main vibrant colour on thisfront cover. All the main importantstuff are in a hot pink which mostgirls like. As the artists featured onthe front of the cover is young andinspirational to girls, the targetaudience is mainly girls in thereteens and older. The type of musicthat this magazine seems to specifyin is more mainstream music whichseems to be a bit of everythingeveryone enjoys as this can be seenwithin the third of the magazinecover in a cover line naming manydifferent artist.
  9. 9. The logo itself is expected to be how it is,big and bold and it stands out to thehuman eye. Using the bright pink colourwill attract people to pick up the magazineas that is one of the aims for themagazine to make people want to buy themagazine and pick that specific one overevery other magazine. The selling line onthe front cover of this magazine issomething which can catch the readerseye as its something what doesn’t seem tocome around all of the time. Its specialedition which means these covers aren’tsomething that will always be around. Itslike they are straying away from theiroriginal front covers.
  10. 10. The main image of the front cover is of ayoung and what can be consideredattractive woman who influences a lot offemales as she also can be seen as a rolemodel. She will also attract males to pickup the magazine as majority of males thingshe is a sexy woman. This will help themagazine a lot as there are people outthere who love reading about Rihanna andwhat she has to say. She is a youngsuccessful artist who is well known all overthe world and with having her on the frontcover of the magazine will encouragepeople to pick it up. Also with what she iswearing black and blue, it makes her standout more from the actual front cover ofpinks and whites.
  11. 11. The cover lines on the front of thismagazine are simple to read. Thereare bright bold headings which willdraw in peoples attention. Using manydifferent artists names within thecover lines, is another way to sell theactual magazine as people lovereading about the artists they enjoylistening to. As Rihanna is the mainfocus on the magazine, the mainselling like is about her with a littlequote which she may have statedherself will again gain readersinterest.
  12. 12. Rolling Stones is a magazine which seems to have a more older andmature audience as it seems by the house style of the front cover.Compared to NME which seems to have a more of a youngeraudience approach such as teens. Looking at the style of each ofthe magazines a more older generation is likely to read themagazine Rolling Stones than NME. The magazines themselves areboth successful magazines which seem to have thought about thelayout of each individual front cover carefully and thought about thecover lines which will be within the magazine. They both offer a lotto the reader, both interesting yet very different stories and articleswhich can interest a wide variety of people. Both magazines arebold and very eye attracting. In my own personal opinion I wouldrather buy the Rolling Stones magazine as it seems like there wouldbe more it.
  13. 13. Idea for my own magazineIdea for my own magazineRnB/Rock stylemagazineTake photographs ofmales and femalesdoing different posesand select the bestones to edit.Colour Schemes which maybe used:Black, White, RedBlack, White NavyBlack, White, GreyGrey, Black, YellowIdeas on Cover lines:Chat columns which allow people to write tothe magazine with questions they wish to ask.Article topics which maybeincluded:Interviews with artists/newartists (exclusive)