3 different and recent examples a type of


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3 different and recent examples a type of

  1. 1. 3 Different and Recent Examplesa type of End CreditsBy Charlotte Bracken
  2. 2. Sherlock Holmes 2009 – End CreditsThe Sherlock Holmes 2009 end credits are very unique to the style of theactual film it is. Having an old, vintage type style to the end credits gave it amore personal touch to the film. Using different techniques such as colourrendering, visual effects and even movement, they are all pieced together to goperfectly with the music. Having the style like an old paper which coffee stainsvideo effects with pencil like sketches almost as if reinforces the fact that theidea of Sherlock Holmes is that he is old and it gives off an old feel to the film.But then again having the camera movement in the film move at a fast pacewhich goes in time with the music to me gives off a modern day feel to it. Theaction film end credits is filled with advanced techniques which make even theend credits what no one seems to watch more interesting than they already arewith the sharpening of the images when sketched to make it more clear, theslight blur on the video clips what have been selected from the film along withthe distortion. As a film itself the video formats which would be used for theend credits on this film are either MPEG4, MPEG, VOB and MWV as well asbeing the codec for the actual film. As researching for the resolution for the film,the only one I could find was for YouTube and even then the resolution for theend credits are 480x360 pixels. The screen ratio for the end credits are 4:3aspect ratio to widescreen 16:9 as it would be viewable at home and the 16:9aspect ratio is more for home theatre.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr2uPF83-m0
  3. 3. Avengers Assemble 2012 – End CreditsEven though the Avengers Assemble 2012 is the same genre as SherlockHolmes 2009, the end credits for both films are very different in many differentways. The camera movement within the end credits doesn’t move the same,instead it seems to smoothly slide across the screen revealing weaponry usedwithin the film and even some of the uniform which has been used. As thecamera moves the object on the screen goes slightly blurry and distorted butthem comes back in to focus as the camera zooms in on the object. By makingcolours with the end credits stand out enables the viewer to establish what theobject is. This leaves the audience still engaged within the film as the endcredits are still rolling. While looking for the video formats, resolution andscreen ratio etc. I could not seem to find the stuff I needed so by focusing onthe clip within YouTube, that is how I have based the technical part to it. Bydoing this, it seems the actual Avengers Assemble has something in commonwith Sherlock Holmes. Having the video formats as MPEG4, MPEG, VOB andMWV as well as being the codec again and also the resolution for the endcredits are 480x360 pixels. The screen ratio for the end credits are 4:3 aspectratio to widescreen 16:9 as it would be viewable at home and the 16:9 aspectratio is more for home theatre which again is the same to Sherlock Holmes.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxN2IsLbZqo
  4. 4. Saving Private Ryan (1998) – End CreditsWithin the end credits of Saving Private Ryan, there isn’tmuch going on, it is just a black background which hasbeen faded into by the previous image. Showing anAmerican soldiers graveyard and then the flag, the cameratechniques have shown fading into another image orscene. This can be seen as showing more of how timeshave changed through the years. Majority of films aroundthe year 1998 would have had a plain black backgroundwhereas of together, technology has developed over time.Motion graphics have become a lot more easier to do.Using the same information for resolution and the videoformat as The Avengers Assemble and Sherlock Holmes asit wasn’t easy to find the information I needed. Still beingable to use some visual effects before the end creditsshows the stuff what can be done. The end credits are notas exciting as it is in the other two I have already comparedyet still shows what technical aspects of it just before theend credits.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTuoq6Tr3gE
  5. 5. With comparing all three end credits, it just shows thatas time goes on, the media seems to get morecreative and expands on what they can do. Everythingdevelops within time and new things are found to useto make more end credits interesting instead of justhaving a blank screen showing the credits which wouldmake people want to turn it off as there is nothingvisual to see to the human eye. Having advancedtechniques within an end credit as well as the technicaltechniques, opens up more of a depth of field whichsome people want to know or some people want tovisualise. By having a certain screen ratio orresolution, would make people want to watch the endcredits as well as the film.