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Evolving Beyond Analytics - Getting To Meaningful Measurement


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A presentation on content marketing measurement that I did at the #BCon Event in Toronto Canada. This presentation discusses the measurement pyramid - and how working toward a more structured series of measurements and reporting can help us drive toward meaning instead of mediocrity.

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Evolving Beyond Analytics - Getting To Meaningful Measurement

  1. 1. We can skip this, yes? 18%   200%   400%   100 Hrs. / Min.   1000%  
  2. 2. Ratio of CMO’s that use data solely to facilitate transactions, not deepen the relationship with consumers. Stretched to Strengthened: IBM Study of CMO’s Still Use Analytics To Prove Not Improve
  3. 3. Outperforming companies vs. underperforming companies that use data to bond and deepen relationships with consumers. While Deeper Relationships Elude Most Stretched to Strengthened: IBM Study of CMO’s
  4. 4. an a lyt ics / anl’itiks / noun plural noun: analytics 1.  The systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. Information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics . . . Analytics Defined:
  5. 5. an a lyt ics / anl’itiks / WMD Weapon Of Mass Delusion 1.  A systematic way to make any effort look like a massive success or failure depending on your agenda . . . Analytics Re-Defined:
  6. 6. Goals: Indicate progress to achievement Key KPI’s Secondary goals and indicators Indicators Data that improve process The Measurement Pyramid
  7. 7. Goal: Increase leads by 10% w/ no extra cost in 6 months Reporting: •  # of Leads / % of Increase •  Cost Increase or Decrease •  Subscribers •  Conversion rates •  Email response rates •  Cost per lead by channel KEY KPI’s •  Likes / Followers •  Page views •  Social metrics •  Keyword reports INDICATORS The Measurement Pyramid
  8. 8. Measure what’s important and, more importantly, meaningful. Frees the team from “always up and to the right” mentality Prevents departmental competition The Pyramid Benefits
  9. 9. But We Haven’t…… 18%   200%   400%   100 Hrs. / Min.   1000%  
  10. 10. 1.  Still operate that content is separate from “real marketing” 2.  Still think measurement is a way to prove worth, rather than improve a process 3.  We still think that “content” is an attribute of marketing instead of value in and of itself We Haven’t Changed…
  11. 11. 1.  Can we infuse the content marketing approach into existing strategy 2.  Can we stop measuring in silos? And all the way down? 3.  Can we stop “acting” like a media company and actually BE a media company? But can we make it better?
  12. 12. WEB  BANNER   SEARCH  ADS  PRINT   SEARCH   Let’s look at an example… Advertising
  13. 13. 1  Customer  -­‐  $3,000  Cost   Per  Customer   50,000  Impressions   1%  CTR  -­‐  (500  Visitors)   $6.00  CPC   30  Demo  Requests  -­‐  6%   Conversion  Rate   10  DemonstraEons  -­‐   $300  /  Demo   Let’s look at an example… Advertising
  14. 14. 75  Downloads  -­‐  30%   Conversion  Rate   ($20  ea)   9  DemonstraEons    ($166)   3  Customers  -­‐  $500  Cost   Per  Customer   Let’s look at an example… Advertising 50,000  Impressions   .5%  CTR  -­‐  (250  Visitors)   $6.00  CPC  
  15. 15. Sometimes Content Marketing IS more expensive but can it create a better customer? “The Switching Economy” $5.9 Trillion up for grabs… Engaging experiences are not “nice to have’s” any longer. Measuring the whole journey 670  Miles   $100  Dollar  Bills  
  16. 16. B2B Training Company Methodology to measure all the way through – from first awareness to customer service. 8 Months later… •  1.2x the cost •  1.5x the time Loyalty. Upsell. Evangelism
  17. 17. Customers closed through content marketing infusion Spent 2X as much Stayed 5X as long 2X more likely to share… It’s not just more likes, leads or customers. It’s also: Better likes, leads, customers – relationships. Loyalty. Upsell. Evangelism.
  18. 18. A"en%on  Metrics   (Audience  Development)   Measuring    consumpEon   &  brand  awareness  as  a   means  of  widening  the   funnel     Social  Metrics   (Conversa%on  Influence)   Measuring  the  creaEon  of   influence,  the  power  of   sharing,  and  the  larger   discussion  about  our   approach       Effec%veness  Metrics   (Content  Purpose)   Measuring  intended   purpose  at  influencing   behavior  at  various   parts  of  the  funnel       3 Types of CM Measurement
  19. 19. Visitors/Customers   Awareness  recall   Visitor  loyalty     Share  of  voice     Brand  Awareness  %   Earned  Media     Impressions   Page  views   Downloads   Earned  Media  $$   Visitors/Leads   Discussion  LiZ   Total  CPL   Customer  Cost  RaEo   NPS  -­‐  Loyalty     Social  Shares   SenEment  Analysis   Influencer  MenEons     Tweets,  Likes  +1’s   Forwards   Inbound  Links     Cost  Per  Visitor   Lead  (by  channel)   Total  Value  by  lead       Blog  subscripEons   Time  on  site   Referral  Traffic     Some examples for ya…
  20. 20. Broad range of campaigns Winnow and place our bets on campaigns/projects Map into phrases: Plan, Development, Launch, Manage Separate these phases by stage gates. Go/No Go – Move On or Kill It Stage Gate Vs. Discovery Driven
  21. 21. Key decisions based on: •  What we know – prior results •  What we’re guessing – WAG •  Current risks – Can we deliver? What does that do? •  Risky, innovative – potentially meaningful - things always die •  Incremental “safe” things go forward •  We Koboyashi Maru the results Perpetuates “analytics” as WMD
  22. 22. Start with success. What does it look like. What needs to be true? List/Prioritize in rank order. Showstoppers, and Easily tested Now – ideas/projects to make these true. Map them into your phases. If a critical assumption isn’t true – then revise, learn and iterate. Lots of small steps. Discovery Driven Planning
  23. 23. The goal remains the same – but assumptions to reach the goal are what must be changed. Leaders in the business can help clear the way for the assumptions rather than view practitioners as trying to move the goalpost. Most failure in marketing comes from failing to ask the right question, not because of the accuracy, detail or our ability to get an answer. Shine the light on meaning, not numbers
  24. 24. 287%