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Believe In Story - The Power of Content Creation Management


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This is a 2.0 version of the presentation I did at Content Marketing World in September 0f 2013. I've updated it with more practical examples - and a new structure. Still a journey - but one step further.

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  • Great deck, thanks for updating. I like your best practices examples of the 4 archetypes (always pegged you for the Poet). Two questions:

    * What about best practice examples of CCM/CCoE?

    * And what are the steps to transition from the ambassador/CLiC approach to CCM/CCoE?
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Believe In Story - The Power of Content Creation Management

  1. 1. @Robert_Rose
  2. 2. We’re Not In The Business Of TRUTH
  3. 3. Here are some things I KNOW… I’m not really going to drag and drop my presentation on my iPad The Doubletree hotel Social Media person is not *really* sorry to hear my problems…
  4. 4. Here are some things I KNOW… The classic Coca Cola ad to teach the world to sing was completely contrived. SIRI is not really going to bring me soup.
  5. 5. Here are some things I KNOW… William Shatner is not really Captain Kirk… Ok….this one I’m not sure…. There are only 11 minutes of football in a three hour game…
  6. 6. “I don’t want realism, I want magic! Yes, Magic. I try to give that to people. I don’t tell truths. I tell what ought to be the truth.” Blanche Dubois
  7. 7. List of Headlines Or things I know to be true “If you can’t describe what your doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing” W. Edward Deming
  8. 8. What’s The BIGGEST challenge to creating content?
  9. 9. We think we don’t know how… We THINK we can’t create enough So, it’s not most valuable use of time Perpetuates belief we can’t be creative Urges us to outsource content creation Producing derivative, unoriginal content Convincing us our story isn’t interesting
  10. 10. We have to change The belief that we can’t produce great content. We have to establish a process that is scalable and repeatable.
  12. 12. 170,000 – SAG Members 90% Unemployed 2% Make $200k+ --------------------------- 60 A-List Actors… 5 Million new businesses/yr 50,000 get $$$ 1% achieve “exit” --------------------------- 150 A-List Businesses ($100m+) 1 In 3,000… 1 In 33,000
  13. 13. So by the numbers…. It’s 10X harder to become a $100m business than it is to be a successful working star in Hollywood.
  14. 14. Did you know… It’s physically impossible to hit a professional fastball? So by the numbers… 200 ms – Visual response 250 ms – Brain/Muscle 450 ms 400 ms – Ball travel ?
  15. 15. -  Develop the muscle & Have the discipline and responsibility to do it. “creativity is not a talent. It’s a way of operating” John Cleese
  17. 17. PROMOTER Needs & Wants PREACHER Discovery & Answers PROFESSOR Interest & Passions POET Feelings & Beliefs Story-Driven Content Creation
  18. 18. Content that facilitates the sale of our product or service. Examples: The web site, our pitch, one-sheets, case studies etc... Attributes: Core messaging, high velocity, Sales enablement. About US Targets: Needs & wants Drives: Commitment The Promoter
  19. 19. Best Practices…. Tim Reisterer – Corporate Visions (Concrete, Context and Contrast) Michael Weiss – Pitch Elevation (How to win the deal) Nancy Duarte – Resonate (Persuading audiences to commit) The Promoter
  20. 20. Content to drive awareness of our approach. Create content in order to be found; evangelize ideas. Examples: The blog, the social media channels. Attributes: High velocity, Findability-driven, Awareness-focused Targets: Discovery & Awareness Drives: Engagement The Preacher
  21. 21. Best Practices…. Marcus Sheridan – The Sales Lion (Use Content To Attract Customers) Hubspot – Inbound Marketing (Use content to be found online) The Preacher
  22. 22. Content that we create to build trust, establish our differentiated approach, and build relationships Examples: Any content that provides “Youtility” Targets: Audience interests & passions Drives: Meaning The Professor
  23. 23. Best practices…. Jay Baer – Youtility (Content so good you’d pay for it) Ann Handley & CC Chapman – Content Rules (Share or solve; don’t shill) The Professor
  24. 24. Content we create to bind our brand to our audience’s belief systems. Content that connects emotionally in order to create affinity Examples: Videos, pictures, any content that connects to feelings. Targets: Feelings & Beliefs Drives: Emotionality The Poet
  25. 25. Best practices… Robert Rose – Content Marketing Institute (What I mostly blog about…) Carla Johnson – TypeA Communications (B2B Brand Storytelling) Youngme Moon – Different “marketing has become the soundtrack of our generation.” The Poet
  27. 27. Prof. Services Partner Marketing Putting It All Together A B2B – Technology Company Prod #5 Prod #6 Prod #1 Prod #2 Prod #3 Prod #4 Prod #7Industry #1 Industry #4 Industry #2 Industry #3 500 emails per week 4 GB of Content / week And he was using…. None of it….. He made his own. His Content
  28. 28. Putting It All Together A B2B – Technology Company The PLAN Build a sales enablement content COE - Spec- Sheets, Case studies, PDF’s, emails, news-events… All the usual stuff – curated there. The DO A new process – focused on curating the tidal wave and enabling sales across the buyer’s journey… The CHECK Fueling better sales enablement THE ACT Content marketing for awareness– more leads. The Promoter
  29. 29. Putting It All Together A B2B – Technology Company The PLAN New blog team – 3 articles weekly. Top 5 reasons posts daily – High velocity shared thru social The DO Focusing on getting SEO results, and being found for new lead generation The CHECK Top 10 across 20 keywords. 100% increase in traffic. 50,000 followers across social channels The ACT Lead quality / flattened SEO results. What’s next? The Promoter The Preacher
  30. 30. A B2B – Technology Company The PLAN Decrease velocity – higher priority on tent-pole pieces. Research, aggregated data, industry influencers The DO Focus on quality, increase education across ALL services, – NPS increase among existing customers. The Promoter The Preacher The Professor The CHECK Increase both number & quality of leads, anecdotal evidence of customer satisfaction – greater cross-sell opportunities. The ACT Re-brand under-way, want to connect more deeply with SMB’s and new markets
  31. 31. A B2B – Technology Company The PLAN Add in special, focused videos and content directed to the “owners” of SMB businesses the focus on. Change beliefs. Connect emotionally with brand. The DO Focus on what it’s like to have to make decisions about handing business to children, make decisions about expansions, retire…. Feature real stories. The CHECK Just starting….. The ACT How to integrate these things together?
  32. 32. Story-Driven Content Creation It’s a Spectrum Not A Pie Magic In The Mixing Most common Content marketing Brand Storytelling Most common Content marketing mistake Very difficult to achieve well.
  33. 33. Structure – Pharma Company Velocity….. In-House Brand Team & Creative Agency In-House Prod. Team / PR & Demand Agency Marketing & Sales Enablement Teams Brand Agency & PR For Ads/Corp Comm. Web & Demand agency teams Team Editorial Calendars Content Management, Publishing, Measurement CCM… - CCM Center Of Excellence - - Brand & Major Corporate Themes -
  34. 34. CCM – Content Creation Management Content Creation Management •  It’s a process that doesn’t exist in most organizations – yet…. •  One of the key missing pieces to a structured content marketing approach •  The 4 archetypes is but one way to think of it… for now… Use whatever suits…
  35. 35. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl Jung
  36. 36. THANK YOU @Robert_Rose