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Annotation and Community


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Overview of the state of Annotation on the Web and the related communities that build the tools and standards that make them awesome and useful.

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Annotation and Community

  1. 1. Annotation & Community On creating collaborative commentary constructs…collectively
  2. 2. Hi • aka BigBlueHat • Work for John Wiley & Sons, Inc. • Co-Editor of the W3C Web Annotation Data Model & Vocabulary • Co-Chair of the upcoming W3C JSON-LD Working Group • Contributor to the W3C Web Publishing Working Group • Core Committer at Apache Annotator
  3. 3. Surveying the Stuff
  4. 4. Standards • Open Annotation Community Group  Open Annotation Data Model • Web Annotation Working Group  Web Annotation Data Model  Web Annotation Vocabulary  Web Annotation Protocol  Selectors and States Note  Web Annotations in HTML Note • Digital Publishing Interest Group  Digital Publishing Use Cases and Requirements • Web Publishing Working Group  Web Annotation Extensions for Web Publication  Web Publication  (eventually) EPUB 4  (possibly) Packaged Web Publications
  5. 5. Standards • IIIF  Uses Open Annotation for image…annotation • EPUB 3  Open Annotation for EPUB • Microsoft’s proposal for “annotations for ARIA”  Maps Web Annotation to ARIA attributes continued
  6. 6. Source • Annotator.js • • Randall Leed’s Libraries (official name)  dom-anchor-* • Web Annotation WG Selectors and States code • Apache Annotator  (in-progress) DOM-focused selector juggler  (eventual) home of Randall Leed’s Libraries  (future) Web Annotation Protocol Server  (future) Web Annotation Validators
  7. 7. Software & Services •  Public service  Partner installs • Wiley Information Model  Open Annotation for editorial workflows • • • • Tell me about yours!
  8. 8. Still Stuck sadly
  9. 9. Struggles • The Frightful Five  Few, increasingly powerful orgs have final say • Productized Self  Who owns you / your content? • Fake news • Trolling • Lack of diversity  In process  In voice  In visibility  In conversation
  10. 10. Structural Solutions • Conway’s Law  “organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.” • Centralization • Decentralization • Federation • Shared Standards • Shared Source • Shared Stability
  11. 11. Sample Structures • Web Annotation Working Group  “closed”—which means we did it! • Open Annotation Community Group  Open to anyone interested in annotation  And future work on any related Web specs • Web Publishing Working Group  “active”—join today! See me in the hallway.  Open to any W3C Member organization • Apache Annotator  Open to anyone interested in contributing to code or content about Web Annotations  Current focus is DOM selection integration • The Hypothesis Project  Talk to Jon, Heather, Dan, etc. available now!
  12. 12. Standards & Source Solutions • • Apache Annotator • Verifiable Credentials Working Group • Credentials Community Group  Decentralized Identifier Documents  Self-sovereign Identities • ActivityStreams • ActivityPub  Mastadon  PeerTube
  13. 13. Summary • What about your own organization? • What structure best matches your desired software structure? • Plan for failure • Fail with purpose • Find friends • Contribute to the Creation of Collective Commentary Constructs!!
  14. 14. Thanks!