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APMP Foundation: Preparing for the APMP Foundation Exam


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  • Although I'm a KS3 student, I decided to give Jeevan's guide a try because I know GCSE and KS3 are fairly similar. Looking back now, it was one of the best decisions I made. The guide has helped me jump from a level 6A to a level 8C in maths, and I'm only in year 8! Achieving a level 8 in maths is regarded as a gifted individual. Thank you for this terrific guide and I will recommend it to anyone taking a maths exam! ♥♥♥
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APMP Foundation: Preparing for the APMP Foundation Exam

  1. 1. APMP® Accreditation Programme Learning from Experience: Preparing for the Foundation Exam Learning from Experience© APMP 2005 and Bid to Win Ltd 2010 Version: 0v9
  2. 2. ObjectivesWhat you need to knowHow to read the questionsTry some sample questionsGet you ‘exam ready’ 2
  3. 3. Revision tips:Course Materials:Look for screens indicating:Syllabus Requirement indicates topic is tested in the examProposal Guide: Proposal Guide 216 Proposal Guide referencesRevision Aids:Download the Quick Reference Guide to help withrevision. 3
  4. 4. Hints and tips: How to read the questions Look for Example What to doKey Words Least, best, most, correct, incorrect, not, true, false Highlight the Key Words and answer ... least appropriate the question as asked ... best describes ... most appropriate answer, ... most likely ... select the correct answer ... select the incorrect answerTrue or False True: A clear sky is blue during the day Test the given statement/s by putting False: Ice melts at -5°C “It is TRUE that ...” or “It is FALSE that ...” before it.Unrecognised Look out for unfamiliar acronyms and phrases in the Highlight unfamiliar selectionswords optional answersObvious A correct optional answer statement may be given But realise that these kinds ofstatements statements sometimes have nothing to do with the questionFamiliar words and As above, a correct „looking‟ optional answer Read the whole question carefully.phrases statement may be given The familiarity may send your thoughts in the wrong direction and you may miss the main point. 4
  5. 5. Recommended technique• Read questions carefully• Note that some questions are worded in ‘negative’ context• Read through all questions, complete the ones you’re sure of• Go through second time making choices• Hopefully small 10% left – use reference material• If all else fails, just guess. A question not answered is definitely wrong!
  6. 6. Sample Exam Questions - 11. In a proposal that is service based, what is the general policy regardingnaming individuals for specified roles? You may choose only one. a) Put the best available named individuals against roles b) State that the best individuals will be put forward at contract award c) Put the best people as named individuals against role regardless of availability d) Explain that you do not have any spare staff
  7. 7. Sample Exam Questions -22. Which of these documents is NOT similar to a "Compliance Checklist"? You maychoose only one. a) Response Matrix b) Invitation to Tender c) Requirements Checklist d) Compliance Matrix
  8. 8. Sample Exam Questions - 33. When should Storyboards first be defined for later Development? You maychoose only one. a) Before the first proposal strategy review meeting. b) Before the proposal kick-off meeting c) At the proposal kick-off meeting d) Following the proposal kick-off meeting
  9. 9. Sample Exam Questions - 44. Which of these statements best describes a theme statement? You maychoose only one. a) Theme statements link strategy and solution b) Theme statements link the advantages and benefit c) Theme statements link discriminating features and benefits d) Theme statements establish sales objectives
  10. 10. Sample Exam Questions - 55. According to best practice principles when scheduling aproposal how much time should be held in reserve to coverany additional tasks that may be requested? You maychoose only one. a) 3% b) 5% c) 10% d) 20% 1
  11. 11. How did you do?Answers:1. A2. B3. B4. C5. C Time’s up!
  12. 12. Exam Practice:• Do the Bid to Win 1 Hour Practice Paper• Do the sample questions on-line at APM- Group exams web site
  13. 13. Examination Instructions Getting yourself prepared.
  14. 14. Find the APMG Exams Website
  15. 15. Take a sample test:
  16. 16. Registration: select the exam
  17. 17. Go to the registration page:
  18. 18. Fees include local sales tax: APMP Members pay less! Choose your payment option
  19. 19. Enter yourdetails and pay
  20. 20. Remember your candidate number:
  21. 21. Taking the exam:Find somewhere you will not be disturbed• Put a sign on the door if neededHave a good Internet connectionSwitch off your ‘phone and VoIP agentsHave your materials together forreference:• Proposal Guide• Revision Aids• Quick Reference Cards
  22. 22. Examination FormatThe exam lasts one hour • There are 75 questions • so that’s an average of 48 seconds per questionIt’s an open book examinationYou must get 42 correct – this corresponds to a score of 56% • Attempt ALL the questions • “No answer” equals “No mark”You will be told whether you’ve passed 2
  23. 23. Navigating the paper:
  24. 24. If you are interrupted:If you have genuinely lost time:call the APM Group on +44 1494 452450
  25. 25. You will be told your result Your certificate will be posted to you
  26. 26. eTorial preparation and contentTry the sample paper before the eTorialAt the eTorial we will discuss and review your answersWe will present some topics for discussion and be askingwhere to find supporting material in the Proposal GuideDiscussion of revision aids 27
  27. 27. Good Luck! We hope you’veenjoyed the course. Please take our feedback survey