ORCID: Connecting Research and Researchers


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Presentació utilitzada per Consol García en el taller "ORCID: connectant recerca i investigadors”, que va tenir lloc l'11 de juliol de 2013, a la Biblioteca del Campus de Terrassa

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  • As members of the research community, we have a whole lot of questions—point to systems-level-- about researchers, research management, and research evaluation, which, at the core, all are rooted in the ability to know who is doing what.
  • The goal of ORCID is to provide a registry of unique and persistent identifiers that transcends organization, discipline, and nation. ORCID is a truly international endeavor. The registry is open: individuals may register, link, import and share information for no fee. But the registry isn’t enough. For ORCID iDs to be adopted they must be used. So the second part of our mission is collaborating with orgaizations throughout the research community to embed the iDs in research information systems and workflows.ORCID was incorporated as a non-profit organization in September 2010.
  • Name ambiguity is a fundamental issue we need to address and solve.  is a non-profit organization that provides an open registry of unique identifiers for researchers. ORCID works with the community to ensure that this identifier is embedded in research workflows and becomes part of the metadata associated with research works and activities. The combination of these two ORCID mission activities—common open identifier and linking—can solve the name ambiguity problem in research and scholarly communications, critical for improving discoverability and interoperability between systems. 
  • A key piece of the success of ORCID is your help in achieving this goal.
  • Current ORCID iDs (April 22)   See the iD Trend Chart: http://support.orcid.org/knowledgebase/articles/150557-number-of-orcid-ids# ORCID iDs (includes deactivated iDs):  121,661# live ORCID iDs:  121,403# deactivatediDs:  258# iDsthat have a verifiedemailaddresses:  75,236# iDsthat have at leastonework:  37,270Of those with DOIs, # of works with unique DOIs:  645,189
  • What does the ORCID identifier look like?First, remember this icon—it will be used to signify the identifier in the ORCID Registry and in sites that link to the Registry.[go through slide]International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI): ISNI has reserved a block of numbers for use by ORCID, to avoid assignment overlaps.
  • Identificador, record I account.The ORCID identifier is linked in the Registry to Account data and Record data. Information entered into the Record enables the identifier to be linked to external identifiers, research information (or CRIS) systems, and research workflowsAnd Account settings and permissions set by the account holder manage with whom and what data are shared externally.
  • Only full name and email address is required to register for an ORCID identifier. All other fields are optional. Obviously, the more other data associated with the Identifier, the more it is possible to uniquely identify an individual, in particular when more than one record may have been created for the same individual. This why we encourage users to complement their identifier by entering data into their ORCID Record. Record holders may designate another individual to serve as a proxy to manage their record, or their institution to serve as a delegated manager of their record.Record holders may manage what data are seen by whom, by adjusting privacy settings, and by selecting trusted organizations with whom to share limited access data and/or update the record with information on research activities linked through workflows. Organizations may register and create records for their employee, but unless they specify authority to present data publicly, the record will remain private until claimed by the researcher. And, at all times, the researcher has the ability to change privacy, proxy, and trusted party settings.Field;Group;Activity
  • As with any database, there are ways to create or edit records, add to a record or read the information stored in a record
  • Individuals may create their own ORCID Account. Institutions may also do this for their employees. This not only increases adoption, it also provides a route for institutions to serve as trusted parties AND better track the activities of their staff.
  • Linking to an external ID can help an ORCID user quickly set up a record by importing their research works metadata and may be used by the ID provider to correct internal databases.
  • Spanish: to support outreach and onboarding in Spain and Central and South AmericaFrench: required for embedding iDs in CanadaChinese: huge number of researchers both in China and abroad in research positions.
  • ORCID: Connecting Research and Researchers

    1. 1. Consol Garcia Outreach Steering Group, ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8085-0088 @ORCID_Org Connecting Research and Researchers
    2. 2. Per què he d’entrar manualment les meves activitats cada vegada que … envio un paper, demano un projecte, renovo el membership in my society? Que passa amb les dades quan canvio de lloc de feina? Aquests dos noms es refereix a la mateixa persona? Com podem saber quina producció tenen els nostres autors? Com podem mantenir el repositori actualitzat? Com podem referenciar les fortaleses de la recerca I el seu impacte? Com podem fer el seguiment dels investigadors que han passat per la nostra institució?
    3. 3. ORCID is és una organització internacional, interdisciplinària, oberta, sense ànim de lucre, community-driven. Si no hi ha una manera clara d’identificar a aquells que participen en la recerca sigui quina sigui la disciplina, l’organització o el país, a la comunitat investigadora li manca la capacitat per identificar amb precisió i facilitat els investigadors i vincular-los amb la seva producció científica. ORCID 3
    4. 4. ORCID Mission: Connecting Research with Researchers La missió principal es oferir un registre obert, persistent i únic d’identificador per investigadors i automatitzar mecanismes de enllaços a treballs de recerca i objectes com publicacions, datasets, altres identificadors, projectes, beques, patents,... 4
    5. 5. 5 Un únic identificador persistent pot ser usat per durant tota la trajectòria de l’investigador L’identificador és embedded el les metadates dels sistemes d’informació, independentment de la plataforma Es interoperability entre disciplines, organitzacions i països: • Redueix el reportar per part de l’investigador • Automatitza/actualitza el repositori • Ajuda en l’anàlisi de l’avaluació institucional  L’API es pot usar en qualsevol entorn Beneficis a la comunitat
    6. 6. Pels investigadors el fet de tenir un identificador i poder tenir el mecanisme de link: menys temps buscant informació menys temps entrant informació en formularis Per la institució: Menys temps i més precisió en identificar els seus investigadors de cara als processos d’avaluació 6 Beneficis a la comunitat
    7. 7. For benefits to be realized…  Els investigadors han de veure els beneficis  Han de crear i reclamar ORCID Account  Els sistemes de gestió de la informació científica (CRIS) han d’adoptar l’ORCID com a standard, incrustar-lo 7
    8. 8. Creixement 8 El 5 de juliol 185.254 usuaris registrats
    9. 9. ORCID és internacional 9 17 de maig de 2013 País Visites % of Total United States 80722 17.3% United Kingdom 32232 6.9% China 31815 6.8% Spain 25778 5.5% Italy 22618 4.8% Brazil 21647 4.6% India 20208 4.3% Germany 19232 4.1% Australia 16542 3.5% Japan 16005 3.4%
    10. 10. ORCID Members 10
    11. 11. L’ORCID ID • 16 dígits • Expressada com a URI • Compatible amb la norma ISO 277729 https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8085-0088
    12. 12. ORCID iDs incrustats a diferents workflows  University CRIS systems (Boston Univ, Avedas….)  Processos de submissió (Nature, Hindawi, APS, Copernicus…)  Projectes (NIH, Wellcome Trust…)  Repositoris(CrossRef, EBI-EMBL…)  Altres identificadors(ResearcherID, Scopus…) 12
    13. 13. Procedència dels usuaris  La meitat directament a la pàgina d’ORCID(48%)  Un terç dels editors(28%)  Altres d’identificadors(10%)  Google (5%)  Social media (1%) and use of the public API (8%) 13
    14. 14. The ORCID Registry Other IDs • ResearcherID • Scopus • RePec • SSRN • ArXiv Research Information Systems (CRIS) • Research Institutions • Funders • Governments ORCID Account • Account Settings • Manage Permissions ORCID Record • Biography • Research Activities Workflows • Manuscript submission • Grant applications • Dataset deposition • Patent applications
    15. 15. ORCID Persones The Scholar/Researcher Individual for whom the iD and Record are created and maintained Proxy(ies) Individual(s) assigned by the Scholar to edit the ORCID Record on the Scholar’s behalf (though the website) Trusted Organization(s) Organizations assigned by the Scholar to view, edit or add to the ORCID Record on the Scholar’s behalf (through the API) The ORCID Account Owner The Scholar. If an institution creates an iD, could serve as account owner.
    16. 16. ORCID APIs Public/Tier 1 API • No es necessita registre • Només es pot accedir a la informació marcada com pública • Només es pot READ Member/Tier 2 API • Cal registrar-se • Amb permissos es pot accedir a la informació marcada com limitada • Es pot READ, EDIT, APPEND. Les institucions poden CREATE
    17. 17. ORCID Privacy Information in an ORCID Record has a privacy setting, which can be set by the account owner or proxy. Account information (settings, permissions) is accessible by the Accessible by anyone Accessible by Account Owner, Proxy(ies), Trusted Organization(s) Accessible by Account Owner, Proxy(ies)
    18. 18. Accessing ORCID Records Scholar/Researcher From the Website CREAT E EDIT READADD TO Proxy(ies) From the Website Trusted Organizations From the API EDIT READADD TO CREAT E EDIT READ ADD TO CREATE permission: granted by ORCID only if employer EDIT permission: one time ONLY for short term; granted at time of edit APPEND permission: one time ONLY for short term; granted at time of addition READ permission: granted until revoked by user Permissions at launch– to be extended over time
    19. 19. Case Study 1: CREAT E ORCID Record ADD TO Institution creates an ID for employee Scholar claims the ID, sets privacy levels, establishes trust relationships EDIT APPEND READ READADD TO ORCID Record Trusted organizations add activities and receive updated Scholar information An iD is created by an institution, and then claimed and managed by the user API POST ORCID Web Interface API POST / GET 1 2 3 ORCID Record
    20. 20. Case Study 2: Member site asks for permissions from a Scholar Scholar reviews the request and establishes trust relationships EDIT APPEND READ READADD TO ORCID Record Member site becomes trusted; may add activities and receive record updates A user establishes a trust relationship while at a member site ORCID Widget OAuth 2.0 ORCID Widget OAuth 2.0 EDIT APPEND READ? API POST / GET 1 2 3
    21. 21. Crear ORCIDs pel PDI de la institució Get permission from Researchers via your own processes and policies Gather information and create the ORCID ID/Record via the API ORCID notifies reseachers who can claim and manage their ID/Record 1 2 3
    22. 22.  Enllaçar al CRIS i important informació  Incrustar als processos de submissió  Usar les dades per generar estadístiques  Enllaços a d’altres identificadors  Crear ORCID pels membres de la institució 22 Exemple Workflows
    23. 23. 23 Import publications from ORCID Record Link between profle and ORCID iD CRIS System Integration
    24. 24. 24 Exemple a DRAC
    25. 25. …last year’s launch of the Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) facility is to be welcomed. The core function of ORCID — a community collaboration — is to assign every researcher a number and a web page, thereby providing a unique identifier and so disambiguation. The web page enables the researcher to record their contributions: papers they have published and — a facility to come — their research grants and patents. Nature journals authors can link their ORCID to their account in our manuscript submission and tracking system, and we will soon be publishing authors’ ORCIDs in 25 Procés de submissió
    26. 26. Enllaç del registre d’autor a ORCID 1. L’usuari clica per actualitzar el seu compte
    27. 27. 2. L’usuari entra o es registra 3. L’usuari autoritza a Hindawi MTS a accedir a les dades d’ORCID
    28. 28. 4. L’usuari es redirigit a la seva compte Hindawi que ara ja inclou l’ORCID Coming…. • Quan un autor publica un article a Hindawi, aquest s’afageix a la seva llista de publicacions d’ORCID. • Quan s’envia un paper per la seva revisió, l’autor pot buscar els seus coautors • Enllaç a la pàgina ORCID de l’autor.
    29. 29. 29 L’identificador ORCID-HUID serveix per diferens aplicacions a Harvard Afageix l’ORCID iD al sytema de HR HR System Integration
    30. 30. 30 Diehl LA, Souza RM, Alves JB, Gordan PA, Esteves RZ, Jorge ML, Coelho IC. InsuOnline, a Serious Game to Teach Insulin Therapy to Primary Care Physicians: Design of the Game and a Randomized Controlled Trial for Educational Validation. JMIR Res Protoc. 2013 Jan 21;2(1):e5. doi: 10.2196/resprot.2431. PubMed PMID: 23612462, AUID- ORCID: 0000-0002-9958-7213 ORCIDs publicats a PubMed ORCID iDs are being received by CrossRef and PubMed
    31. 31. 31 Generar stat
    32. 32. Enllaços amb d’altres identificadors 32 Crear un ORCID o associar-ne un de ja existent amb Researcher ID Intercanviar informació entre ORCID i ResearcherID
    33. 33. 33 ISNI interoperability map
    34. 34. Q1 Launch Ambassador Program Publish Open Source Plan Call for Developers: May Codefest Workflow for Localization New Features: Multi Email Standard Integration: Publishers Premium Benefits: Reports, Webhooks Q2 Train Ambassadors Build out methods for Open Source Cmty Host May Outreach Mtg and Codefest Launch Localized UI #1 New Features: Affiliations, Grants, Proxies Std Integration: External IDs, Repositories Std Framework: Search and ImportQ3 Start work on claim store reqts Call for Developers: October Codefest Launch Localized UI #2 New Features: Patents, Cross-link works Standard Integration: Universities Q4 Complete work on claim store reqts Host October Outreach Mtg and Codefest Launch Localized UI #3 New Features: Pictures, Author linking, Invite Std Integration: Funders 2013 Roadmap
    35. 35. Suggerències 35 Knowledge base Forum ideas
    36. 36. Need more information? • Find out more at http://orcid.org • Learn about APIs and tools to embed ORCID iDs at http://support.orcid.org/knowledgebase/ • ORCID code is posted on GitHub, see https://github.com/ORCID/ORCID-Source/wiki • Subscribe to our blog and follow @ORCID_Org on Twitter 36