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Magazine Analysis


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This is my media presentation of an analysis of the music magazine NME. The analyisist is of the front cover, contents page, and a double page spread. I looked at the language and images used, also the layout of the pages and who the magazine is targetted at.

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Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis<br />
  2. 2. Analysis of the front cover.<br />Image Analysis<br />The front cover of the magazine, is a picture of a middle aged man, dressed in punkish, clothing which represents the genre of the magazine. Its a portrait shot image of Mark Ronson. The image is a medium shot photo, which is taken from a straight angle, which was placed on the right of the magazine, to allow space for writing and sub headings, to represent what will be included in the magazine.<br />The image on the front cover of the magazine, plays a very important part in the magazine, because this is what buys readers, and attracts their attention, and gives a very clear idea about what genre the magazine is. It also covers up most of the space, to make it look full and interesting. <br />
  3. 3. Analysis of the front cover<br /><ul><li>The images attracts the audience because it gives the audience a very brief idea about what the magazine will be about, without them even looking at it, and it will specifically attract a certain audience. E.g. NME will attract people who are interested in rock, and indie music.
  4. 4. To let the audience know what will be inside the magazine, each magazine enfold sub headings, which tell the audience a little bit about what the magazine will contain, and interesting facts, stories etc. This is what will draw their attention and make them more fascinated in buying the magazine
  5. 5. The information is arranged in a specific way where the title is on the left of the page, this is because the way magazines are laid out in shops, the left side of the magazine is on show, so it tells buyers what magazine it is, which is why it has to be written in big bold letters, and a bright contrasting colour to attract attention. </li></ul>Image Analysis<br />
  6. 6. Analysis of front cover. <br />Image Analysis<br />The background of the magazine is in white, and the writing is in Red, these two colours go very well as they contract each other, and brings out the main information which needs to be shown. <br />There are iconic signs, there’s another magazine inside the ‘NME’ magazine, called ‘THE CLASH’ which is an icon for rock people, so people from that era would get the magazine. <br />There is a symbolic sign, the trumpet is a symbolic sign because it represents that Mark Ronson has developed a new style in music, and has passed the era of playing the trumpet, hence the reason there’s a picture of him with the trumpet broken in half.<br />
  7. 7. Analysis of Front Cover<br />Language Analysis<br />The language used isn’t very formal, so it shows that the magazine is for the younger generation, it’s also most likely aimed at the male gender, because its set it in a more bold, standard set out, and also ‘mark Ronson’ is a male who is an icon of rock, which emphasizes why it’s aimed more at males.<br />The magazine has the email of the magazine, this is In case any of the customers or buyers of the magazine become very interested, and would like to view the features of this magazine online, or for people who would rather read the magazine online or buy it online.<br />
  8. 8. Contents Page Analysis<br />Denotative & Connotative Analysis<br />The contents page has two pages, one page is a large advertisement for men’s deodorant, the other has the contents, it also has photos of people that feature in the magazine and quotes written underneath the photos. In the centre of the page there is a relatively larger photo of the Clash, as there is a free magazine inside on them.<br />The layout has an almost circular format to it. The photos are almost mapped out around the main photo of the clash, so the reader’s eye is drawn to this; it makes it a key selling point. This photo is in black and white, whilst the others are in colour, this also makes it stand out, and gives it more emphasis.<br />Around 6 different fonts have been used, not only different types, but also the size and boldness varies a lot, I think this has been done, so the page has different levels to it, and is more interesting to the reader.<br />
  9. 9. Contents Page Analysis<br />Images Analysis<br />Photographs of celebrities that are feature have been used in the contents page, and underneath each image, there is one of their quotes, I think this has been used to let the reader know what sort of things the magazine talks about and what is featured in it.<br />Most of the photographs used, are of white middle aged men. This could be because most people who read the magazine of this category.<br />
  10. 10. Contents Page Analysis<br />Language Analysis<br />The language used is colloquial yet it is not slang, and is comprehendible to the average reader. I feel the language used is not aimed at a very young audience, perhaps not to people under sixteen, as there is reference to drugs and swear words have been used in the quotes. Also some words used are for a older age group, for example:<br />“Fuck! Fuck! Oh Fuck! You cannot ask me that , this is torture”<br />“Are you serious? I still smoke weed everyday!”<br />
  11. 11. Contents Page Analysis<br />Language Analysis<br />Black and white are the colours mostly used in the contents page, the backround is white, and writing is black. All photos save one are in colour, the one that is not, is in black and white. This colour scheme is quite striking and also makes it easy for the reader to see the and understand the page, it’s not too busy, it’s really quite simple. <br />This attracts the audience as it helps them see if they are interested in anything in the magazine, because the page isn’t too busy and everything is clear to see.<br />
  12. 12. Double Page Spread Analysis<br />Denotative & Connotative Analysis<br />On the first page, there is a large photo of the man, wrapped around the bottom and right side of the photo there is writing. On the second page, the top of the page has various different images, then theres is a six paragraphs underneath them, then underneath these paragraphs is an advertisement of champagne and a single. <br />I think the layout has been set out like this, so it seems like there is more writing than there actually is. The photo and images fill up a vast amount of the page. The advert has been placed in to balance the page out, so it is attractive to readers. <br />Three main fonts have been used, one for the introduction, another for the subheading of each paragraph, and another for the main bit of writing, I think this has been done so as not to confuse the reader, also it looks neater like this.<br />